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Hiii everyone! Hope everyone is doing well. In this video were are recording how to bake fun yummy holiday cookies, a baking with Grandma episode.

I love this time of year with all of the festivities and Holiday Spirit!

Have a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a very Happy New Year!

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Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hi just introduce ourselves my name isAndy I’m mommy I’m grandma this iscooking with Grandma hold on wait we aremaking snickerdoodlesyummy our first ingredient of the day isbutters butter 1 cup bling the recipe so1/2 a cup of butter was actually 1 nowwe have 1 cup of shortening just like meKB’s tall and to be quite honest 3 cupsof sugar Wow what goes into it there’s ahard freakin thingsfour teaspoons of vanilla house blenduntil it’s not worth five and a halfcups of all-purpose flour we have somecinnamon and we have some baby and nowshe’s ready to goflour baking soda full cream of tartarand that’s itblending it all[Music]anyone cookies to have more tartar thanthe others pouring flour into the penisa little at a time[Music][Laughter]now we hand it off I’m gonna put a trayin the oven already[Music]we are doing the taste testhmm now it’s time for a chocolate chipsix-six butter three two and a half cups[Music]like mine means vine by my baking sodaand salt only need flour and eggs[Music]so eight cups of flour we’re gonna dofor these here’s a number two eight cups[Music]so we put salt and now let me put someeggs in this bowl to mix two packages ofthese suckers called chocolate chipssemi-sweet semi-sweet now we’re gonnamix them just make a bowl like thatfirst batch done we are doing a tastetest now mm-hmm yes your cookies andthey’re still chocolate chip cookies inthe oven and then you have some superyummy[Music]outro cookies and they were yummy andnow we have cookies that are yummy andwe all have yummy cookies that we’vebeen eating all afternooncuz there was a lot to taste it thanksfor watching enjoy[Music]merry christmas happy holidaysMillie Kalikimaka[Music]you

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