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How To Bake Flavoured Sugar Cookies From Scratch Part 1 | WATCH ME BAKE | CECILIA VUONG

Today I show you how to bake flavoured sugar cookies from scratch. This is part 1 of recipe. Hope you enjoy the video. View my current kitchen items here:

00:26 Sugar Cookie Recipe
01:30 Tip 1 – Make sure butter is at room temperature
03:43 Tip 2 – Have your cling wrap on the bench top to avoid mess
04:55 Tip 3 – Peel baking paper from cookie dough to avoid stickyness
06:37 Tip 4 – Freeze the cookies for storage
07:34 Tip 5 – Let them rest before placing on cooling rack

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**** About This Video ****
In this video Cecilia Vuong shows us how to bake deliciously flavoured sugar cookies from scratch. It’s super quick and easy and also amazingly delicious. This is part 1 of the recipe video and stay tuned for part 2 where she shows you how to decorate it with royal icing. Watch me bake. Feel free to send an email if you would like to feature your product. Follow her on her new journey around the world exploring vlogging, capturing videos, tasting food, cooking, meeting extraordinary people and discovering a diversified lifestyle.

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If you have any questions or want to drop me a line visit #askceciliavuong

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