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How to bake Cookies perfectly at Home II Gas Oven or Microwave II Choco Cookies & Nutty Cookies


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Today, I am presenting a delicious cookies recipe for kids. ‘Chocolate Cookies’ or ‘Nutty Cookies’. I am going to show how you can make this 2 type of cookies in a very easy and quick way at home using Gas Oven or Microwave Oven.

– All Purpose Flour: 400gms
– Powdered Sugar: 200gms
– Vanilla Essence: 1 Teaspoon
– Butter: 50gms
– Refined Oil: 50ml
– Coco Powder: 1 Tbsp
– Baking Powder: Half Tbsp
– Baking Soda: 1 Pinch
– Milk
– Choco Chips
– Chopped Nuts

STEP 1 – At first in a mixing bowl add 200 gms of powdered sugar, 50 gms of room temperature butter, 50 ml of refined oil and mix them together. Whisk(in one direction) it for 10 minutes until the texture become creamy. After that gradually add 400 gms of all purpose flour and mix it. Then add half tbsp. of baking powder and a pinch of baking soda to the mixture and mix them a little bit. Now add 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence and gradually add room temperature milk. Knead it until it becomes soft. Now divide the dough into two parts.
STEP 2 – In one part add 1 Tbsp of Coco powder and mix it with the dough properly. Then add choco chips in the dough and fold them together. So your choco chip cookie dough is ready. Now to another part add chopped nuts, I have used cashew, Pistachio, & almonds but you can use anything of your choice. Like earlier mix it with the dough. For 15 minutes keep both dough aside with lid.
STEP 3 – On gas oven put a heavy bottom vessel and make a bed of salt, put a stand on it and cover with a lid. Heat it for 10 minutes. And for microwave preheat it on 350° for 10 minutes.
STEP 4 – For the gas oven, brush some butter in a mould. Now with cookie cutter or with your hand shape the cookies. Put them on the mould and for microwave oven use the crisp plate. Now place the mould on the stand and cover it for 20 minutes.
For microwave oven place the crisp place into it and set oven mode or convection mode on 175° to 180° for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes your choco cookies and nutty cookies will be perfectly baked. Enjoy it with milk, tea or coffee.

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Video Transcription

[Music]do[Music]hello this is posh alimintro and welcometo another exciting videos of foodonomastoday i’ll be showing you anotherexciting recipe a kids special recipeand this recipe is requested by mithalibhattacharyai think you have seen it on thumbnailyes i’ll be preparingcookies one is choco chips cookies andanother is dry fruit cookies on today’svideo i’ll be showing you that how tomake perfect cookieson microwave oven as well as on gas ovenso this video is going to be veryinteresting don’t skipany steps so before continuing if youhaven’t subscribed to my channel thenplease do subscribe to it and hit thebell button for future updatesand if you like my videos then pleasepress the like button and share withyour friendsso without any further ado let’s getstarted with today’s recipelet’s see the ingredients first so ihave taken 400 grams of all-purposeflour200 grams of powdered sugar vanillaessenceroom temperature milk choco chipschopped dry fruits butterrefined oil 1 tbsp cocoa powderhalf tbsp baking powderand 1 pinch of baking sodafirst add 200 grams of powdered sugarkeep it in mind that the measurement ofpowdered sugar and normal sugar are notsame then add room temperaturebutter 50 grams of butter i have takenhere 50 grams ofbutter you can’t use hot melted butteror chilled butter the butter should beroom temperature then add 50ml of oil and mix them togetherwhisk it for 10 minutes in one directionuntil the texture become creamy here iam usingnormal hand blender but you can useelectronic blenderand one thing keep it in mind that youhave to whisk it in one directioni mean if you have started in clockwiseso you have tomaintain that oncethe texture becomes creamy thengradually add 400 grams of all-purposeflour or maidathen you have to mix them very wellnow add half tbsp of baking powderand a pinch of baking soda after mixingthema little bit add one teaspoon of vanillaessenceand then as per the requirementgradually addmilk and keep on kneadingafter kneading the dough will looksomething like thisas i am going to show you the recipe oftwo different type of cookies so i amdividing the doughinto two parts at firsti will make the choco cookies for thati will mix 1 tablespoon of cocoa powderand knead it to mix them properlythen add some choco chips and mix itwith the doughthen i’ll make the dough after nuttycookiesfor that i’m adding some chopped nutshere i have used cashew pistachioand almonds but you can use anything ofyour choicenow mix them properly to make theperfectdough cover themand keep it aside for 15 minutesif you want to make your cookies on gasoventake a heavy bottom vessel and make abed of saltthen place a stand on that and cover itwith a lidon low flame heat it for 10 minutesand if you want to make your cookies onmicrowave oventhen preheat it on 350 degree for 10minutesfor making the cookies on gas oven brushsome butteron a mold this mold i am using it forgas ovenand this crisp plate for microwave ovenhere i am using my hand to shape thecookiesbut you can use any cookie cutter ofyour choiceto garnish i’m putting some more chocochipson the choco cookies and some choppednutson the nutty cookies also remembermaintain sufficient gap so that thecookies can rise wellfor gas oven place the mold on the standand it shouldn’t touch the salt andcoverit with a lid and bake it for 20 minutesnow for the microwave oven put the crispplate into the oventhen set it on convection mode or ovenmodethen bake your cookies on 175 degreeto 180 degree for 20 minutesyou can see after 20 minutes my cookiesare perfectly bakedin both gas oven and in microwave ovenso here my cookies are ready this one ihave baked it on gas ovenand this one i have baked it onmicrowave ovenin convection so how you like my videosplease let me know in the commentsectionand if you have any queries then pleaselet me know by your commentsand if you like my videos then please dosubscribe to my channel andif you want to follow me on facebook andinstagram i will provide the link in thedescription boxso see you in the next video till then[Music]bye[Music]you

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