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How to Bake Cookies 🍪| Cookie Redemption?

Cookie Redemption!??? Here is my video on how to make cookies with M&Ms. They are from a Guam Cook book 🇬🇺 and the cookies are called Su Su Cookies. But will they come out good?🤔 Watch and see…

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Video Transcription

man we have work on those motors[Music]you[Music]oh hey and welcome to make two basicstoday we’re going to be making shoeshoes this you would be eating two eggsto two-thirds of flour one teaspoon ofsalt[Music]one cup of branches two thirds of peanutbutter one cup of butter in a half eatshop in the back okaytea tea tea tea spoon of vanilla extract[Music]also he would like you could use hershe’s kisses or[Music]trout now you’re going to put the ovenon begin to be 5 degrees[Music]you[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]you wanna make sure you mix in all theflowers and what dry ingredients becauseif you don’t it’s gonna like be itbasically would really need a cookie orwhatever your opinion either way you’regoing to eat and cook this right and ifyou want right your patience but itcannot do this watch me struggle[Music][Music]I’m crying because I don’t know if thesecookies are going come on[Music]first back into the oven[Music][Music][Applause][Music][Music][Music]these my mom[Music][Music]well we have work on those bows andbasically that’s how it’s done thank youfor joining me are making Shu Shucookies and don’t forget to look I’m sosorry and basically if I had it’s donethank you for joining me on Mickeyshoo-shoo cookie don’t forget to Likeshare subscribe and don’t forget to tapthat notification up to be notified eachtime when I make a new video that is it[Music]

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