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How to bake chocolate chip cookies

The best video on how to make yummy chocolate chip cookies! Leah – 6 years old

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hi ladies net and I am oh I am to showyou how to make chocolate chip yummycookies really taught me Oh so first youneed two pieces of melted melted butterand then make sure it’s not too hot buta little hot and then you got here twosugars um and then uh you um you mix itup stir it up um so now we’re gonna pourin our t-shirts[Music][Music][Applause][Music][Music][Music]now we have it Serta[Music]I know me too[Music]Archie a freshie doesn’t check itagainst an rake okay now we’re going toadd in our egg if you have two eggssummerokay alright then wash your hands afteryou get your age it’s gonna be a littlemessy okaysee honey you can now so you’re going toadd inthat’s probably enough okay now justpour it in okay I don’t know it just it out all right now let’s pourin it okaythen with that we’re going to do ourmixture[Applause][Music]now we mix it now we need a baking sodaand salt so we’ll just go ahead and ourflour[Applause]okay time to add in our chocolate chipsfirst we just gotta keep off the powderon the side of the bowl if you got areally strong musclesyou can either let your mom do thisbecause each strong methyls surface ifyou stir it up really good because it’sreally just a trap all right so once youstarting all this chocolate chips[Music][Music]make sure your oven is heated to 350degrees here’s my keep messy when youlike stick it on back are the you mighthave extra cookie dough yeah so that’sso you can bake some more tomorrow orsomething you’re starting to run out ofmake sure there’s three each row makesure you don’t have everything goestogether so like there’s there could belike extra cookie dough or Kiki’s backup and Anita in the oven I would be ohyeah I mean the whole another leftoverdough weddings or what[Music][Music]that and then you push that and count to12 on this dope now it’s at 12 so goodthing to does well know now we can cookour yummy cookies when it starts beepingthat means your cookies are donesometimes it doesn’t work because youthey’re done so you just come back inthe oven they’re not done yet and I justokay so I hope you liked the recipe andI hope you like the cookies I bet youwill but um I hope you do and thank youfor watching my video byeokay so make sure you clean up your mathhelp your mom speed up your mess andthen I didn’t see here our cookies arestarting to flatten out and okay[Music][Music]really big onelook at on the east mr. YouTube thoughthey’re starting to stick togetheryou made small ones next time with ourleft over now right so make sure youdon’t leave them yet because they arestill hot like I said a couple minutesso I hope you like[Music][Music][Music][Music]a good share yeah you get your I thinkyou like meyou hi they’re just so deliciousyeahgrab a selfie with your family and I’llsee you next time

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