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How NOT to make Cookies / Childlike Baking Experience!!!

Cookies are the classic dessert to make and they’re pretty easy – so how would you NOT make cookies??

In this video, I bake cookies in the most wacky, silly, childlike way and I have so much fun with it!! Yes these cookies are imperfect, but that is the point. See me add a SPECIAL ingredient to make this even more unbelievable. I don’t make cookies unless I can add some mystery ingredient or change up the base recipe in some way!!

Join and watch me be CHILDLIKE – this is one of my CORE VALUES and I demonstrate it completely in this video!! I have so much fun baking these cookies and I hope you enjoy watching, too.

This is me being MY Ideal Self. What are some adjectives that describe you being YOUR Ideal Self? Put them down in the comments below!!

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Did you say you want MORE?
Do you want perspective on why 2020 might be our best year yet?
Do you want to know why I choose not to wear makeup?…

Where can you find me? :
– Instagram @ your_ideal_self…
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Who’s Sarah Wallace? The person behind your Ideal Self ~
I live in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and I am constantly finding meaning in and outside of my work. When I noticed that my day job began to disinterest me, I realized I didn’t face it with the same passion as other areas of my life. I knew my strengths were not being fulfilled. So, I tried new things.
I’ve always been reflective and optimistic about life, so now I share it here with you in my videos. I’m here for those who need this optimism, who crave these ideas and exercises for self-growth. I believe you can all do anything (and I mean anything) if you set your mind to it. Let’s not let our own selves hold us back.
I’m serious about life and if you’re here, I know you are too. Shut off the voices, listen to your inner dialogue, and come on a journey with me to becoming your ideal self ✨

My outro music!
Adding The Sun by Kevin MacLeod

Original of the video here

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