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How NOT to Bake Cookies! Vlogmas Day 23, 2019 | DNICEANDFAM

Hey Y’all Hey! As old as I am I have never baked cookies. You will get to see me bake chocolate chip cookies with my toddler. So yes, this is my first time baking Christmas cookies and it was kind of a disaster with a happy ending. There is also some daily life included in this vlog.

Thank you in advance for clicking on this video and chillaxin’ with us.


I (Denise) am an older stay at home mom (33 years old) to an adorable (3 year old toddler) named Lucas Jr and I am currently pregnant with our second child. I wanted to document life so that Luke (Dad) could see what we were up to while he’s away, as he works 6 days a week. Thank you for keeping us company by leaving a comment or 2 lol!


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Video Transcription

[Music]hey y’all hey is Monday December the23rd and y’all I like a Miss but Itrying to be cute because here in SouthCarolina it has been raining it rainedall day Sunday it rained all day todayit’s still raining but Leo stinky pinkyand I are headed to Walmart to do myChristmas pickup and I call it Christmasbecause almost everything is a Christmasgift or some kind of foods that I canmunch on until I don’t know y’all I justhad to get some essential food items butyeah this ain’t even my head this isLuke hey my bonnet I already got a holdman so I ain’t trying to be cute fornobody I just don’t want to get my hairwith it anyway we’re gonna go to Walmartand get our things and head back becauseI don’t want to drive in the rain that’swhat I don’t want to do but I have toand it’s gonna be dark like look outsideit’s already dark and it’s raining soyeah that’s the situation I’m in but Ido have my keys have y’all seen thatvlogmas day when I locked myself out ofthe house I’ll link it into cars becausewe had to climb through the window butanyway we don’t get on the road youready Thank You pinky you ready you onceI hate to the good people you know andthen I’ll show y’all what’s in that boxright thereumm it’s a bath and body where it’s bossturn on the porch lightall right let’s go you ready oh okay[Music]a friend who can’t let go okay so I’mback home safely from my trip to Walmartand here is what I got nothing major I’mactually just looking for um sorry I’mactually just looking for the cookiesgot some butter for the cookie yep so Igot this on Betty Crocker chocolate chipmix because I’m not a baker and I hopethat I don’t know I just hope they turnout greatLucas you won’t make cookies for SantaClausyou see we gonna make cookies for SantaClaus you excited thank you he saidthank you like I got it just for him butyeah so we’re gonna hopefully bake thesetonight I don’t know if flute will behome in time I’m gonna let them knowwhat we’re gonna do and see if he canmake it or maybe I’ll just let Lucasstay up late and we’ll bake them latebecause we are gonna head to Luke’sparents house in the morning which willbe Christmas Eve hopefully let me showyou out what I got during the UMin the bath and Bodyworks body carousellet me get some scissorsyou won’t see what mommy got in the boxooh boo boo let’s see be carefulI’m working with scissors here wellanyway did anybody shot that sale Ididn’t get too much as you can see I gota really small box surprise it is asurprise okay so I got the Ginga bodyspray which I have been wanting it for awhilethe cap came off that’s okay so I gotthat I got the gangam shower gel I don’tknow why my camera in assumed thatgoes King gonna shower gel and I got thebody moisturizer so I got the full setof that and I got a foot scrubeverything was what 495 but the regularprice on this was 1450 so I really got asteal on that yet set it down and I gotsome essential oil I got the lavenderwhich yeah the regular price was 1350 soI had to get something cuz I thinklavender is good for like pregnancy orjust relaxation in general and I alsowent ahead and got me a little lip glosswhich I’m not a real big fan of lipgloss but I figured I would be crueland I use my reward points to get thispurty candle holder I think it’s alittle bit bent whoa look liddie away myrewards said that I could get anythingfor the price of 1650 and this wasexactly 1650 yeah it’s a little bit bentbut it’s repairable I’m like you seethat that’s a little bit bent all rightbend a little bit forwardyep then you take it out the plastic ohyo is cracked I think I might have doneI think I might have to return this nowcuz look like if you can really see itscrate right there is it cracked there ohwhy oh there goes the remnants on theinsideyeah it is pretty what color iseverything what color is that it blueyou so smart so I waited as long as Icould for a loop to come home it’s about8:45 I know don’t come for me Lucas isstill away because I promised that wewould make Santa his cookies so he’sgonna stay up past 9:30 I’m sure butit’s okay he don’t go to school anywayso I got my mixing bowl here this isactually a vintage of partner woman boldand I got two or three Christmases agohe about to lose my egg don’t touch thatwe would please don’t break it don’tthank you so anyway I think that thiscalls for an egg and some butter andthis is our plate for a Santa’s cookieson my sister-in-law gave this to me it’sreally cute it’sfao schwarz so yeah that is the Santa’scookie setup are you excited boo okaylet’s get started[Music]oh alright got one now oh my god you thesecond one mommy know what don’t missthat how do you know what newsthis looks like this looks like it’sgonna be some dry all right so I’ll justI’ll just dump the butter back in okayso I’m gonna let y’all see what thebutter looks like in the bowl[Music]put that on the pan put it right but itright put it right okay I’m gonna keepmaking under your eyes put it rightthereyeah one two three Oh God give it somespace space hey babe there you gothat’s one two three four when I dohey but write it good job alright sohere are the cookies I’m gonna stickthese in the oven for like eight to tenminutes at 375 y’all don’t mind my ovenI need to clean it up whoo Jesus is hotin therelook at those cookies they look so goodI’m so proud of usLucas we baked cookies well anyway Ihope you guys enjoyed hanging out withus you wanna say bye to the good peopleuse the phone say byesay bye-bye yeah anyway y’all I reallydo hope y’all had a good time hangingout with us it was a little short andsweet vlog I haven’t posted in a while Ireally missed you guys but umgive this video a big thumbs up if youenjoyed it and the cookie tastes reallygood by the way like I’m like I don’teven like sweets like that but that is areally good thank you and yeah if youlike to give it a big thumbs up pleasebecause it is subscribing 2020 will bemy year I’m gonna hit shot with the goodstuff anyway I’ll see you guys laterhave a very Merry Christmas I’m gonnatry to vlog tomorrow Christmas Eve andChristmas Daymaybe the day after Christmas because wewill be actually coming back in townwe’re gonna be leaving in the morninggonna go to Luke’s parents house I gotso job hopefully and um yeah I’ll seeyou guys later bye[Music]

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