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How I make chocolate date vegan cookies❤

Ingredients: 15_ 18 chopped dates, 1/2 cup oats, 1/2cup almonds, 1/2 cup unsweetened coconut flakes, 1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder, *optional* ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, seeds, grains, 1 scoop vegan protein powder. Throw it all in a food processor or a very durable blender, shape, then store, then eat. Thank you so much, I hope someone out there likes this recipe and inspires you to come up with your own unique delicious recipe!

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Video Transcription

hi YouTube today I’m wearing my kitchenand I’m gonna be teaching you how tomake chocolate date vegan cookiesthey’re super duper good and they’rereally easy to make all you really needto do this is have a really high speedblender or even a food processor wouldwork really really well and all theingredients are kind of interchangeableso you don’t like playing theingredients I’ll show you todayyou can probably substitute it withsomething more to your liking anywaysthis recipe is full of good fatsminerals fiber protein and lots ofenergy natural energy to keep you goingthroughout your day so here we go I’llshow you how to do this okay first stepchop up approximately 15 to 18 dates Ialready did that and because it doestake a little while so what you want todo instead of like maybe just dumpingthem in I like to usually just handfuland then just prevents them from justall falling out okay okaynext what I like to add it’s a bowl ofalmonds approximately half a cup okay soyou just put that a little with thedates and next I like to addapproximately half a cup of dried youknow like organic unsweetened coconutflakes half a cup of that fat in thereon top of that okay and then this ishalf a cup of rolled oats organic verydelicious loaded with lots of proteinand fiber so I just dump that in therethis is my blender okay and then what Ihave here is approximately I guess abouthalf a cup of cocoa powder it’sunsweetened it’s just like baking cocoayou can get from like Walmartand I measured it like at about likefive tablespoons cuz I love it anyway soyou just dump that in there okay andthis next part is optional but I like toadd ginger[Music]and I like to add cinnamon lots ofcinnamon see if I can get it open like alot of cinnamon and another one probablya lot of people might not like it’s nota particular particularly having a greatflavor but it’s tumeric and it’s reallygood for youbut I guess all these ingredients arereally good for you but I just put inlike half a teaspoon worth for that okayand then I get my lid and this nextparts gonna be really loud so I’m justgonna pause the video for a second whileI do it but I’ll give you a taste ofwhat it looks like first this is howloud it’s gonna be when you blend it upokay one second okay now we’re at thislevel so this is the part where youreally got to keep an eye on it becausewhat we’re trying to do is to get it tostick to itself and kind of just likeroll itself into like a giant wad Idon’t know if you guys have ever madelike pie crust before but it’s gonnalook kind of like that just kind of itall just stick together I guess it’slike you know like heating up itself andlike spinning and chopping everything upso yeah this is what looks like rightnowthis part here is important because youwill have to eventually get a spoon andkind of mix it around a little bit let’sget it to mix that better because whenit gets to a certain point where itwon’t really want to mix on its own soyou’re gonna want to have to guide it alittle bit so every now and then get aspoon and like kind of like push itaround a little bit in the blender and Ijust pop the lid back on and then startgoing again you just have to do that fora little bit the process is a littletedious but it does not take that longand then the end result is definitelyworth it so okay one sec[Music][Music]let’s get definitely getting there thisis what we want when it starts tostruggle like this that means it’sgetting stickier this is what makes ourdough okay mmm smells awesomeI’m telling I’m addicted to this stuffand make it all the time it’s so goodokay here we go[Music]okay I think we are there but basicallyit’s gonna want to look like thisoh my gosh it smells so good okay saveme get this okayso there’s that I’m just gonna removethe blades real quick okay here we arenow here’s for the fun part so what youdo is you take your dough and kind ofjust get the desired size that you wantthis stuff is so fun to just squish okayyou want to roll it press and prestothat is all it is what I like to dosometimes is I kind of like to maybepress and roll it in coconut flakes orjust like plain cocoa powder and it’sreally good both ways depending on withyou’re wanting something more sweet eator something that’s more bitter kind ofto mix with all the sweetness but I likeit both ways and it’s super good so yeahthen we just give yourself a nicecontainer to store it in and none ofthese ingredients are you know like theydon’t perish like they’re aren’t theyaren’t too perishable so it’ll last youfor I’d say like they have a good shelflife like maybe like they’ll be fine ifyou storm correct like properly for likemaybe a week or more like if you maybeput in the fridge probably definitelylonger because the expiration date fordates is crazy like what my family doeswhenever we go buy them normally we’llget like an 11-pound box and the datewon’t be like expired to like next yearlike like a complete year from when webought them and we do go through themquite a bit so it always makes sense toget that many so yeah if you can neverfind a really good deal for like healthyfood definitely snap it up and figureout fun ways to prepare it like before Istumbled upon like not like using dateslike this like I was just eating them asthey were and they are super good justlike that you know they’re really sweetand I kind of like the texture kindareminds me of caramel when I used to eatcaramel anyways like when I found outyou can just like throw them in ablender and make a dough like I was justlike that’s awesome so I do that now andalso another thing you can do to add alittle extra health- it is like I know it’s like vegans andvegetarians have a lot sometimes have alot of trouble getting enough likeprotein in our diet sometimes at least Ihave to remind myself to make sure I’mlike you know making sure I’m gettingenough of my nutrients like that likeyou can like put in some protein powderI used like just like organic like veganprotein powder and it works pretty wellfor me and it’s really really good Idon’t like the stuff that’s too sweetbecause I have like mused proteinpowders before like different kinds andlike the flavor was so overwhelming itcompletely took over everything elsethat was in my recipe whether it be likea smoothie or this cookie dough and likeit’s just it’s not that great but thisone that I’ve been using it’s not thatbad like it’s just it’s just a littlebit of sweet and it’s it’s notoverpowering at all anyways so yeah thisis the whole recipe now I’m just goingto go ahead and finish rolling these upinto little cookie bites and I’m gonnatell you they kind of have like thetexture if I could cosmic brownie andit’s awesome so yeah that’s it

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