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Today you’re going to learn how to cook the perfect protein cookies every time! If you’re a health conscious individual, you won’t want to miss this!

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Video Transcription

what is up guys fred wilson here todaywe are whipping up a big batch ofhigh-protein choc chip cookies so thisis a very easy and quick to makebodybuilding cookie recipe and the bestpart about it is that it is guilt freeso let’s just hop right into italrighty guys so as mentioned we aregoing to be making up some deliciousbodybuilding protein cookies so it’sgonna be very very easy to make up andI’ve got all the ingredients here whichI’m gonna walk you through before we hopinto the method and just to let you knowthese are bloody goods so before we getinto it I will ask one thing do dropthis video like and subscribe if you newhere now we’re gonna get into theingredients first up we have coconutflour now this is a great alternative tothe flour that is used in most bakedgoods or cakes as its macronutrientmakeup is a lot better than the typicalflour second up we have bananas nowthese are going to be the bulk of thecookie they’re gonna what is gonna giveit a nice good texture thirdly we haveprotein this is what is going to give ita high protein content and for todaywe’re going to go with a vanilla as itis going to be a much more neutraltasting protein powder as opposed togoing with something like chocolatewhich is going to make them taste likechocolate next we have peanut butterthis is going to be adding a ton offlavor to these cookies and that sucksthey’re gonna be peanut butter proteincookies you cannot make a good cookiewithout some sort of chip going into itso we have dark chocolate chips and thenwe also have some Reese’s peanut butterchips just to add in a little bit extrapunch and finally we have just a fewextra things that are going to add alittle bit more punch to these cookiesand that’s gonna be pink salt and somestevia which is going to be alow-calorie form of sweetening thesecookies so that is all the ingredientsthat we need right now let’s jump intothe method[Music]voila and that is the final product guysso protein cookies and they areabsolutely fantastic so you can savethis for later considering we did cookthem up in a pretty big batch and theyare thick to say the very least so whatyou could do is if you want to save themfor later you can get like a containertake them to school take them to workwith you share them with your friends sobe extremely worried not to do at aSaturday so I’m gonna pick one outthis one looks danced in choke tubespeanut butter so three to one that’sgood that is good for a more healthyside of cookie that is a 10 out of 10they’re definitely better when they’rehot so the macros on these guys if youwant to be an absolute savage and eatevery single one in one go the turtle isgonna be 131 grams of carbs 88 grams ofprotein 60 grams of fat so they’repretty good if you want to have a refeedor a cheat day these would be absolutelyfantastic but if you want to split themup have them throughout the week theindividual cookie if you have six ofthem are gonna equal 21 carbs 15 gramsof protein and 10 grams of fat and thatis the rest of you guys are super easyto whip up and taste absolutelyphenomenal if you did enjoy this videomake sure you drop a like so I dunno andI’ll continue making videos just likethis one if you’re new here make sureyou subscribe so you do not miss outfuture content and I’ll catch you in thenext one


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