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Heath Bar Cookies

This week, on PCPR, Chef Joseph prepared Heath Bar Cookies!

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Video Transcription

what’s up guys welcome to anotherepisode of prep cooked plate repeat thisweek’s episode we’re going to show youhow to make some heath bar cookieswithout a dough mixer so go right backto show you how we’re gonna do thatalright guys so the first thing we’regonna do is we’re gonna add our butter Ihave 3/4 of a stick of butter here sobutter next thing we’re gonna do isgoing to measure out the sugar so we’regoing to have to do 3/4 of a cup ofsugarlooks like it right there so white sugarregular granulated sugar and then we’regonna do the same thing 3/4 of a cupbrown sugar very important that whenyou’re baking you measure everythingit’s not like cooking where you can do apinch of salt pinch of pepper everythingis really precise measurements let meshow you pack this up okay beautiful sofirst thing we’re gonna do is when thecream these these sugars and butter takeyour whisk the key to this is that yourbutter is room temperature your butteris at room temperature this is nothappening now this takes time if youhappen to have the little whiskattachment kind of looks like this andit’s on the it’s like an electric oneyou can use that too I don’t have thatand then I’ll have a KitchenAid so Ijust do this by hand old-fashioned wayyou can also use a fork as well justreally good in therereally incorporate everything marry themit takes a little time a little patiencewith this to really get that alltogether can even go in here if you wantwith your hands mix everything uptotally up to you use all hand methodjust totally fine just really mix thosetogether any big pieces of brown sugarthat might be stuck together just brakewith your hands alright next thing we’regonna do is we need two eggs we need thewhole egg and then we need the yolk ofthe other one so we’re gonna break thisa regular one right in just like thatsecond one when to break the yolk justthe yolk so I’m just gonna break thisover a garbage can right the whites comeout and then just to yolk right therenow I’ll jump in back with my whisksince everything is incorporated nicelyit’s really mixed thatso lists together beautiful next thingwe’re gonna do is add a tablespoon ofvanilla extractnice big pinch of salt mix that up nextthing we’re gonna do is we add somelight corn syrup we’re gonna add oneteaspoonall right that’s then next we’re gonnaadd one tablespoon of cornstarch rightin and then one teaspoon of bakingpowder right in beautiful right nowwe’re gonna add about half a cup ofHeath bars I just cut up mix that upreal nicely beautiful and then now thelast thing we’re gonna do is we’re gonnaadd our flour we need two cups and 1/4of a cup so let’s measure out 2 cupslet’s first start with the 1 make sureit’s all level when you measure so packit it looks goodone whole cup now this is going to yieldyou about 20 cookies 22 cookies we’regonna weigh them about 2 ounces each andthe fourth of a cup we’ll measure outnext we’re gonna whisk everything isreally nice mixed just like thatsee how it looks like it’s crumbled butnow we’re starting to come togetherthis needs to whisk everything again youcan always just go in there with yourhands your hands what you get is thisreally soft dough which is what you’relooking for it’ll stick it to the handswhich is perfect all right it looks goodto me I’m so we’re gonna clean up overhere gonna get this stuff off of myhands and then we’re gonna let thischill for about one hourwanted to check what you wanted to hangout one hour in the refrigerator so Ican look I can tighten up everything canmarry it you see each other and thenwe’ll measure these out and cook them soour dough’s been resting for about anhour now and now we were going to startcooking them so I got the oven set at325 degrees Fahrenheit I’m gonna add alittle bit of canola oil if you have Pamspray or some sort of cooking spraythat’s totally fine if you have a cookiesheet and it’s like a Teflon one you’lleven need to do oil those are nonstickI’m just gonna take my hand here rub theoil into this pan just so it doesn’tstick in the bottom cool all right nowwhat we’re gonna do is if you have a icecream scoop or something you can use toportion out your cookie dough I justhave a regular tablespoon here I’m goingto take my cookie dough I’m gonna doabout that much almost just fill it upjust like that all right now you can dothis and pop it right on therepeople do that or people take thiscookie dough and they almost roll itlike they’re rolling meatballs and thenthey do that it’s up to you whatever youwant to doeither way the cookie when it cooks isgonna go just like that so he could rollif you want or you could just leave itas this I’m gonna leave it as is justlike that so you should get about 20 to20 to 24 cookies and the pan when youcook it in the pan do not crowd this panyou want to keep about just like this e8distance away we want to be able to dothree three three and three I want tofit 12 in this pan don’t want to crowdit any more than that so I’m going tofill these this pan up I’m going tothrow into my 325 degree oven I’m gonnacook it for about 11 to 14 minutes thesecookies they shouldn’t get a dark coloryou’re not looking for dark color you’rejust looking for the bomb to get alittle crispy kind of think of like abutter crunch cookie that you get atthem at the deli or the grocery storewhatever it is they’re still pliablebecause if you overcook if you cookthese a little too dark they’re gonna besuper hard cuz all that sugar so youjust want to put a little color on thebottom and then just know that the topis cooked so anywhere from 11 to about1314 minutes it’s when it’s gonna bedone but check on it repeatedlyconstantly throughout every five everyfour minutes or so so full this up I’llthrow in the oven and we’ll see you backin about 15 minutes guys so our cookiesare done now it took a little longer inmy oven I don’t know if it’s calibratedevery oven is differentit took about 20 22 minutes to actuallyput these cookies so my ovens probablyrattle off that’s why it took so long sothey came out I let them cool down forabout five to six minutes because Iwanted to type in hot you don’t wantthem to cool down too much doesn’t behard to get them off of here so niceover the little towel in your hand justtake a spatula get underneath thesecookies just like that key with theselike I said is not to overcook thembecause they’re gonna be super hard andthen we want them the next day or thenight off it’s just you better havestrongthis would go perfect with nice somenice milk blessed milkyou know jus milk soy milk almond milkoat milk and you could think about theeven a glass of wine goes well withthese edge right there there you have itsuper easy toffee or heath bar crunchcookies without a mixer it’s a littlework it’s a little time consuming butit’s okay it’s well worth itthanks for watching this video don’tforget to Like subscribe and follow uson Instagram YouTube and Facebook ifyou’d like to see some of the upcomingweeks let us know down below I’ll catchyou next time

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