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Guava Cookies – How to make Guava Cookies

Hello everyone! I’m back, and decided to make a quick video to introduce my daughter into the YouTube world, per her request! She will do a few shows with me here and there as long as she’s having fun with it! I decided to make a quick video this time around. My next video will explain my absence and everything else that has prevented me from posting until now! Next weeks video is Tiramisu!


1 Cup of melted butter
2 Cups of Flour
1/2 Cup of powdered sugar
2 Teaspoons of Vanilla
1/8 teaspoon of salt
1/2 Cup of Guava Jelly

Preheat oven to 325

Cream together the butter and powdered sugar. Add in vanilla and incorporate well. Then add in 2 cups of flour and mix on medium speed. Roll into balls, and use your thumb as a fingerprint. Fill hole with guava jelly. Bake from 7-8 minutes at 325.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

okay so what we’re gonna do is mom’s to
level this off for you that’s right
just dump that in there is it although
don’t you don’t have to do that just
dump it right now what’s our next step
what do you think we have to do
we’re gonna pull this down what do you
think about having this you can do it
are you gonna be a little bit of mess
I’m sorry there’s nothing wrong yeah I
think so too are you eating powdered
sugar just by itself
yeah but you’re gonna say okay just like
mom just sees everything
well that’s a lesson learned probably
doesn’t taste as good as you thought
does no-ho-ho-ho dodo so right now all
we’re doing is were mixing the butter
and the sugar and I’m going to change
we do
all right oh I’m glad
what’s going on girl all right we had to
look for the vanilla so we had to pause
because mom just couldn’t find it all
right man so what you’re gonna do is
you’re gonna take that vanilla extract
and you’re gonna pour it into the
mixture that has the butter in the sugar
just pour it right in nice and gentle
perfect all right
and then now you’re gonna use this hand
mixer I’m gonna move the bowl a little
closer since I’ll outlet is far away I’m
gonna turn it on and then you can just
mix up the vanilla inside okay you do it
both I’ll take care of the bowl you take
care of the mixing it’s a team effort
you put that in there I know huh we need
three more of those because I have cut
measure okay
Oh free yeah if you do three scoops okay
so let me spray the rest of this off and
lab don’t you worry
now we’re going to put it all in the
corners so could work right okay if it
doesn’t work work they don’t taste yucky
so we got to let it work right yeah
great okay folks today we’re baking some
mommy’s rolling there also be remaking
good cookies Nazi
after lunch folks that tastes so good
cookies yeah
tomorrow we’re gonna go to Six Flags
outside and we’re these two at Six Flags
tomorrow we’re gonna go to a lot of rot
and we’re gonna get some ice cream
tomorrow all right so we’re just gonna
continue to all I know I took it off
only because I want to make sure that I
do it I believe you all right so now we
have stopped what we’re doing just so
that you can show you have philippa
no again I have my oven on for drinking
right guys so more balls yeah we’re
gonna roll them afterwards but right now
we just want to get Clayman spike you
know an idea of what we’re doing so when
people look at the video though know how
to do it right so what Rihanna is doing
now is what are you doing with that
um guava jelly Rihanna okay and she’s
doing a really amazing job filling them
up so it’s kind of all you have to do
okay it’s a really easy kid-friendly
recipe it’s done quickly it’s just that
we have to do stop and go a lot so it
seemed like it took forever right
Rihanna I use the Goya brand for the
guava jelly because it’s on point if you
can’t find it buy whatever you can find
but that’s my favorite brand for the
guava so she’s just using our sister
spoon to fill up the jelly in the middle
we’re gonna continue rolling and baking
more cookies and they go into the oven
at 325 so today I’m done with the cup
okay my decoration I’m gonna put in the
oven for eight minutes okay okay so the
oven is open now we’re gonna use safety
okay yep straight in and watch your
hands and watch your legs straight on
and okay whew
the cookies aren’t in it kind of hard to
see right oh there they go
I could see then mm-hmm so can i how do
you think they’re gonna taste good I
agree okay let’s wait eight minutes yeah
cookies are gonna look so yummy for you
I believe it can you have all of them
yeah boy what about me can I have some
one you think so would that be a good
idea you’re so sweet once you blow on
them so that we can cool them off and
eat them oh yeah I get all those germs
on there oh boy so this is what they
look like when they’re done you can dust
them with a little powdered sugar and as
you can see they don’t change color on
the top that’s just the nature of the
cookie um you can dust them or you can
leave them plain I think they look
prettier when they’re dusted and then
Rhianna’s just well trained or what you
do is did you see how mommy did it I
kind of just tapped it or shaked it
right right oh oh my gosh okay that’ll
be yours no too much too much yeah I got
it let’s do it
hmm I think that’s a lot okay look I
mean there’s like enough there we try
that I’ll try the little one with less
powdered sugar
girl we did it

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