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Ginger Cookies Recipe – Eggless/Vegan – How To Make Gluten Free Gingersnap Cookies | Skinny Recipes

eggless ginger cookies recipe, how to make gluten free gingersnap cookies #glutenfree these gingersnap cookies are crispy and gluten free, made with bajra flour also known as pearl millet. bajra is a millet and its gluten free and a winter grain. bajra can be locally sourced and is in expensive and easily available. I used coconut sugar, virgin coconut oil, and khandsari sugar to make it more healthy. Traditional gingersnap cookies are made with maida, refined sugar, refined oil/butter, eggs etc. Since many of you requested for an eggless gluten free cookies for Christmas, I was able to create this healthy recipe for you. Dont forget to tag me when you make this recipe.
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Video Transcription

hey guys I’m Nisa Homey and welcome
back to my channel today I’m sharing aneggless gluten free and vegan gingersnap
cookies. these cookies are so crispy andthey snap exactly how a gingersnap
cookies should be. A perfect healthytreat for Christmas. I created this
recipe so that you can enjoy thesehealthy gingersnap cookies while cozying
up in this festive season and guys ifyou are new here don’t forget to
subscribe to my channel by clicking thered button so that you will get notified
on your phone when I upload new healthyand tasty videos.
Traditionally ginger cookies are madewith maida (flour)
refined sugar, and eggs but taking intoconsideration the requests from you guys
for a cookie recipe which is egglessgluten free, and vegan I created this
recipe as a Christmas treat for you guysnow instead of maida I’m using bajra
flour, bajra also known as pearl milletis a winter grain now why bajra because
it helps to keep you warm hence it is anideal grain to include in your diet in
the winters. Bajra can be used to makedosa, idli, chilla, roti etc and I have
already shared many recipes with bajraalready. Bajra roti will be shared in the
next video so don’t forget to watch thenext video so that you can make and
enjoy the goodness of bajra roti it’simportant to eat seasonal grains to get
their maximum benefits also check myprevious bajra dosa recipe video to
know more about the health benefits ofbajra and why you should be including it
in your diet especially in the winterslinks will be updated at the end of this
video so without wasting much time let’squickly dive into the recipe also I’ll
be sharing some tips and more options atthe end of this video so make sure you
watch the video till the very endInto my chutney grinder I am
adding in half of a nutmeg, four clovesand 1 cup organic coconut sugar
I have already shared a detailed videoon the health benefits of using coconut
sugar do check it out to understand moregrind all this and then transfer the
ground ingredients to a large bowl. intothat and in 1 tablespoon dry ginger
powder after all we are making gingercookies right? so you need to use dry
ginger powder and in 1/2 cup woodpressed coconut oil or you can use
virgin coconut oil, now virgin coconutoil and wood pressed coconut oil has a
very neutral flavor hence you won’t evenfeel that coconutty flavor in the cookies
also note that the buying links to theingredients I’m using are updated in the
description box below this video soplease do check it out now with a whisk
give this a mix for about a minute sothat the coconut sugar is mixed into the
coconut oil once it is mixed add in oneand a half cups of bajra flour also
known as bajra atta or pearl millet flourinto this add in 1/4 teaspoon pink
Himalayan salt, 1/2 teaspoon baking soda,3 tablespoon arrowroot powder instead of
arrowroot powder you can use tapiocapowder or potato starch since bajra does
not have any gluten the arrowroot powderhelps in binding and also to make the
cookies super crispy. now with my handI’m first mixing the flour and then
mixing everything into a dough. The doughis soft and you can easily shape it into
small round cookies at this moment I ampreheating my oven to 180 degree Celsius
traditional gingersnap cookies has asugar coating and for that I’m using
khandsari sugar which is a traditionalunrefined sugar add in 2 to 3 tbsp of
Kandasari sugar into a plate, roll eachcookie dough in the khandasari sugar
and place it on a baking tray lined withbaking mat or a parchment paper.
make sure you leave some gap between thecookies as they will spread out once
they are baked bake in the preheatedoven for 10 to 12 minutes at 180 degree
Celsiusalso note that oven temperature varies
with oven so keep an eye on the cookiesafter 10 minutes once baked cookies will
be slightly undercooked and soft in themiddle
allow the cookies to cool down a littlein the pan and once slightly cooled down
the eggless gingersnap cookies can betransferred from the baking pan to a
wire rack and then allow it to coolcompletely and it will stay good at room
temperature for about a monthThese gingersnap cookies are super crispy
and with the subtle flavors of thespices there are perfect healthy treat
this festive season and yes you will notfind these kind of healthy recipes
anywhere on the Internet and for thoseof you who like a cinnamon flavor can
mix a khandasari sugar with 2 TSPcinnamon powder and then you can coat
the cookies with cinnamon sugar thosewith celiac disease or those who are
intolerant to gluten or those who simplywant to include bajra in their diet, can
enjoy this healthy and tasty gingersnapcookies and the best part is these
cookies are so tasty that nobody willguess these are made with bajra flour
kids will really enjoy this super tastyand healthy gingersnap cookies you can
also follow me on instagram for morehealthy recipes and tips and if you try
this recipe don’t forget to tag me oninstagram and send me a picture so guys
do enjoy the winter holidays with thishealthy gingersnap cookies and let me
know how it turned outdon’t forget to Like, comment, and share
this video with family and friends thankyou for watching and until next time
take care bye bye

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  4. I will try soon definitely Thankyou for sharing .. I have been looking for this recipe for a long time mam Thankyou again

  5. Excellent chechi! Always inspiring.. What can be a good substitute for cloves as I am quite allergic to that flavour

  6. Is bajra regular millet flour? I get confused about which flours yiu use in some videos. It can be hard to follow when you don’t speak the language.

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