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Getting into christmas spirit | christmas make up, making cookies and passing out

I managed to pass out while making cookies… on my first video.. enjoy anyways!

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Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hello everyone and welcome to my firstvideo so I thought I have to get in likethe Christmas spirit because I’m not yetand what better way to do that then mmmcookies and I’m gonna make vanilla kidsbut I have my recipe in front of me andI’m gonna do my head position but youwant to see how I make your day up butwhat is its in English I don’t know[Music]vanilla sugar huh so I also broughtvanillaout of that as well okay so I am gonnabe your right great start80 grams of sugar 330 grand total yeahand this recipe there’s no real vanillaand I think that’s boring that’s okay soI’m putting no there are two more thingsI’m putting it on it so I have less workto do so we need 220 grams of butter soI’m putting I’m cutting it into littleto zerookay now I’m making a mess let’s put theiPad away[Music][Applause]okay let’s do this and then I’m puttingall my butter on top and now I’m tryingto make it into one and my hope and it’sfinally becoming dough yes so I makethese rolls well the dough is still softit don’t fall apart a little darlingdon’t we wish you a Merry Christmas wewish you a Merry Christmas we wish you aMerry Christmas[Music]we pray you and your kid we wish you aMerry Christmas and a happy[Music]bring us some figgy pudding now bring ussome figgy pudding pop we should I haveto lay down okay[Music]I think I’m okay no I’m not really okaythis just happens to my body but my bodydecides to stop working and then I feelreally bad like I’m about to black outand I actually do if I don’t lay downimmediately I’m putting these in thefridge now I know because I can’t seeanything so I thought when I alreadyfeel like I don’t want to look like as wellso I’m putting on a lovely Christmasmakeupdon’t expect too much because it’s likea p.m. I’m not doing anything today so Iwon’t do a lot[Music][Music]Oh[Music]so here we are again I feel betterI definitely look better now we aremaking some cookies okay and they havebeen in the fridge for a thirty minutefor over thirty minutes because thistook me 25 and I laid down for 10 and Icleaned the kitchen for five minutes soit’s been 40 minutes and now we’remaking okay so basically I’m preheatingthe oven now as two degrees CelsiusI don’t want to these up so I’mgoing to milk it up instead oh no thatwas wrong it’s 175 degrees let’s do thisI finished this I’m[Music]Oh baby I love you I love you do youlove me yeah you didokay I’m putting them out of the oventwo minutes too earlyoh I think they are already way too darkthen you’re too hot but now I’m puttingon the sugar holy cow this is a lot ofsugarnow would you look at these I’m tryingone I’m really afraid that they are justnot good they are good sorry you guysthat was it for my first video I hopeyou liked it if you did like andsubscribe and cut it down below I alwayswanted to say that the taste test wasgood so it wasn’t successful video eventhough we had a little thank God butthat’s alright that’s normal for me andI look better now than I did at thebeginning of the video so perfect bye Ilike on

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