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Fortnite V-Bucks Cookies

Fortnite Fans … learn how to make these V-Bucks Cookies … Candy Coated Oreos … with a simple recipe and design for your next party. Cookie decorating made easy using a JB Cookie Cutters Stencil. #fortnite #fortnitecookies #v-bucks #oreos #recipe #cookies #cookiedecorating #JBCookieCutters

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Video Transcription

hello thanks for buzzing over to myyoutube channel I really appreciate itand today we’re going to be makingfortnight debug cookies we’re gonnastart with eight ounces of white candymelts and only one black and this isgoing to give us the beautiful graycolor on the v-pet cookie I’m going tobe melting these candy melts at 50%power at 35 second intervals when thecandy melts are almost all the waymelted that’s when you’re going to addtwo tablespoons of coconut oilokay now I’m going to put this into therefrigerator for ten minutes and thenwe’ll be back once the cookies arechilled it’s gonna flip them over andpop them outafter you unmold the cookie you need tolet the candy coat and dry and now youhave the base for your Vita cookie solet’s get started on the design thestencil is from j-b cookie cutters andyou can use the tab place it down ontothe cookie keeping it flat you’re goingto take the candy meltsthen let the stencil up straight up andthey and you have the design the nextpart we’re just going to have a littlebit of fun by using color dust and hereI have turquoise white dove gray andplum and pearl kind of begin with thedove gray and outline the V and then goaround the outsidegive it some shadowfinish off the design with pearl dustthis is it like a sheen without addingmetal to the cookie especially when thekids are going to be using it anywayit’s actually a good idea you can workwith that play with that do the colorsthat you want your d bucks to be and Ihope you enjoyed this tutorial thanks somuch for watching

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