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FCED 262 How to Make Chocolate Chip Cookies and Holiday Jars

Part 1 of 20 minutes video demonstration

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

jingle bells the holidays are comingthey’re approaching really soon and whatbetter way to celebrate than to gatherwith friends and family over deliciousdesserts like chocolate chip cookies butholidays also means finding the bestgifts for those that you love have weever thought about combining the two Ithink it’s about time that we bringcreativity into the kitchen my name isTaylor and today I will be showing youhow to make chocolate chip cookies andholiday jars for friends and familiesduring the holidays for the first partof this recipe on how to make chocolatechip cookies we’re going to use in theback of the Nestle Tollhouse semi-sweetchocolate chip Marcille recipe it can befound in the back at the very top tobegin this recipe you’re going to need afew things to begin baking soda imperialmargarine butter two sticks vanillaextract graduated sugar all purposeflour 2 goals 1 small bowl 1 mediumsized bowl you’re also doing me a bag ofchocolate chips measuring cup two cupslarge tablespoon onap scoop ice creamscooper eggs of your choice I chosecage-free light brown sugar pammeasuring cups and let’s not forget the9 by 13 pan those we will be followingthe recipe in the Backman NestleTollhouse chocolate chipsI’ll be laying it right in front thatway everyone can follow along the firstthing you want to do when bakingchocolate chips is preheat the oven to375after you preheat the oven you’re goingto make sure that all your hair ispulled back I have a struggle withhaving hair fall out while I’m cookingand it’s just a courtesy thing peopledon’t want to eat cookies that have hairin it so please pull your hair backbefore you begin the first thing you’regonna do with this recipe is take allyour dry ingredients and put it into thesmall bowl you don’t want to mix the wetand dry ingredients the dry ingredientsinclude the two and 1/4 cup of flour the1 teaspoon of baking soda and the 1teaspoon of salt sometimes if you’reworking with friends and family you needa lot more wrong than what you’d get inthe kitchen so I move this process tothe table this is where most of time meand my family get together to bakecookies the first thing you’re going todo is take all your dry ingredients likeI said previously and combine them afteryou measure them in a small bowl hereare the small bowl and I’ve previouslymeasured 2 in 1/4 cup of all-purposeflour just dump that into the bowl andput it aside next you’re going to takethe teaspoon of salt and teaspoon ofbaking powder and combine it with theflour in the small bowl take the largespoon mix the ingredients togetheronce you’re finished with the dryingredients just place it to the sidelike this move containers now you’regoing to take the medium size Bowl andcombine all your wet ingredients whenmeasuring the sugar you’re going to needa 1/4 measuring cup when you scoop thesugar make sure you fill the cup up allthe way and shake off the residuesince it’s 3/4 of a cup you’re going toneed three scoops using the 1/4measuring cupyou’re going to repeat this process withthe brown sugar as wellyoumake sure you crack the eggs in aseparate container to avoid gettingshells in the batter this way if shellsfall in the container you can take themout before adding it to the batternow you add one teaspoon of vanillaextractyouonce you’ve added all your wetingredients the last thing you probablyneed is the butterthe recipe calls for softened butterthat’s why I left the butter out but ifit’s still a little hard take thismeasuring cup like I had previously toldyou about in the materials place the twosticks in here and set it in themicrowave for 20 seconds it shouldsoften your butter enough to mix in withthe wet ingredientswatch as I unfold the butter I make surenot to touch it with my bare handshere in order to get the butter out ofthe wrapper I squeeze the spine with myfingersnow with the same food they use to mixthe dry ingredients take it and mix thewet ingredientsyou can use a mixer I prefer to do it byhandjust because I can see if there’s littlebits I can get it with the spoon thatare not mixing it especially with thebrown sugar the brown sugar likes toclump up a lot so it’s just important tohave a spoon in the in case there areany slack you want to make sureeverything is thoroughly mixed cause itwon’t be staying like this see how Istill have clumpsthat’s more smoothnow once you’re done mixing the wetingredients you’re gonna take your dryingredients add it to the whip graduallythough if you add too much when you goto mix the flour it’s gonna goeverywhere and it’s gonna make a bigmess and you won’t have all the flourthat you need to the recipe so take yourdry ingredients and gently just dab theside of the container for a little bitfalls in show you how much I’ve put injust that amountI wouldn’t use a mixer for this part Iwould definitely need a spoon because ifusually make sure it can get all clumpedup once the dough actually startsmorning on two and on a spoon when youhave more control the consistency of ityou definitely want it to be thick and Ifound with a mixer it just makes thingsa little too thin the dough not fit andbe able to mold you’ll have droopycookies and a big mess so add more onceyou mix that one in roughly the sameamount and if you ever find that it’stoo thin just add some more flour itshould thicken it up fun facts NestleTollhouse did not create a top twocookies it was actually a women of thename cake from Massachusetts she was 31years old she actually was famous forher her dough drop cookies one day shedecided to taking Nestle Tollhousechocolate bar and cut it up into tinybits and put it in her battershe was hoping to make chocolate cookiesbut instead as we know the chips theystay formed together and they don’tspread throughout the cookie and sothat’s how we ended up with a chocolatechip cookie so it’s actually an actand once your recipe started becomingreal popular with these little chocolatechipsNestle decide to start breaking up theirtiny bars into pieces and selling itthat wayeventually they formed a little teardropshape now that we know it’s chocolatechip Marshalls and they even came outwith other flavors like butterscotch andpeanut butterdark chocolate white chocolate you cansee how it’s getting a lot thickerjust be patient if you’re gonnabe–start take a little break and thenmarmots are and that’s why I like to doit family because we can switch outactually became pretty much a traditionin my family I think I discovered thechocolate chip recipeyounow that our timer has went off for 11minutes we will take the cookies out andallow them to cool for 5 to 10 minutesdo not forget to use a mitt whenhandling the cookie pan and to turn theoven off

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