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Episode 2 of how to make cookies

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Video Transcription

sorry guys my mom accidentally pushed awrong buttonthat’s just so okayI’m gonna do it otherwise I lose a lot[Music]so tell me what should I do nowyou have learn to take them apart weneed to get up and do that guys[Music][Music][Music]so my mom is doing that now[Music][Music][Music][Music]yeah why gingerbread man[Music]thing[Music][Music]I got the saying that grab the other oneanother to retire[Music]oh my goshI’m gonna do a few big gingerbreadplease these are popular[Music][Music][Music]ready[Music]gingerbread[Music][Music]this is not a Christmas[Music]this is her church[Music]did you get one big one on[Music]right there see we need to put pay weneed to put the bakinghahaha but we can fit a couple more wecan fit we got plenty first this is goodone dozen two dozen that’s kind of likea nicethat’s our these are cookies these arecookies we got cookies right under therewe’ve got more batter[Music]I’m gonna put a tiny ginger hey mom yeahdo you hope the gingerbread man does notrun away save oh but they’re wrongmake me one for one more that’s it a bigone I can’t even get them through asnowman hmm I’ll figure it out[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]yeah[Music][Music]please read the instructions on this[Music]those because I’m gonna box all cookiesnever met clean so you need to take yourTV in it or your phone and go so guysI’m gonna be waiting in the other room[Music][Music][Music]Wowmom can you put the oven right on[Music]because I’m trying to find get ovenlight I’m wrong right[Music]let’s take that they all look so goodhi guys I think I have to do somethingI’m forgetting a few things[Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music]first that might look like chocolatemovers not its called mint chocolatechip chocolate milk so mentally[Music][Music][Music][Music]I’m gonna go up and go to that areawhere I need to go okay um I’m herefriend spot for this I guess I justcan’t put this up here guys you won’t beable to hear me but[Music][Music]alright guys I’m back[Music][Music][Music][Music]but I’m not I’m trying to get a goodsong it’s not workingwhat[Music]so guys I’m gonna end the episode righthere the episode this is episode twoactually bye

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