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(Ep. 1) of Comedy Cooking: Making Chocolate Chip Cookies

Today I made Chocolate Chip Cookies.
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Video Transcription

what’s up guys welcome on you – todaywe’re gonna be makingcuz it’s Valentine’s Day and that’s theonly reason that Valentine’s eggs thisis to eat sweets and I’m doing this intwo really fast so um let’s get into thekitchenalright guys welcome to my video todayare making chocolate chip cookies forValentine’s Dayso they’re a first thing we needed to dobefore doing anything it’s to stretchour muscles because we do not want topull any kind of muscles because I’mbeing really really can make it pullmuscles especially like the individualfinger like crack their fingers likeindividual like little things in there Idon’t know what they’re called but thereare things you need to crack and thatthey’re in your thing alright the firstthing we need to do is we need topreheat the oven to 375 I have to talkreally loudly over here because I don’tknow if you can pick up audio great allright the oven is heating alright guys Ijust wanted to take a moment to pointout this egg look at how round it andsee here’s a normal egg and here’s thisegg[Music]it’s round it’s like so weirdalright guys so we are going to add themargarine brown sugar flour sugar bakingsoda and yeah that’s I think it’s allwe’re an add that that lovely mix rightthere we’re going to crack open tolovely eggs here that’s what I callprofessional professional egg crackingopen person people alright and then wemix it all that good ingredients stuffup and yeah we mix it up alright once wedo that we add more flour 1 and 1/4 cup1 and which me kids to learning the moreyou know alright now we add it well addin our chocolate chipsand if desired nut so we’re going to putin walnuts and we stir alright I mighthave gotten some snot in there like bluemy news right where it is going down[Music]all right guys we have made a plate ofbeautiful chocolate chip cookies rightfrom scratch oh my goodness I feel sonice y’all pay attention that noise inthe background don’t you just don’t doit don’t just don’t do it okay stopmmm the chocolate chips are so good it’sactually giving me told her now guys alittle roll let it roll goose bumpsright now happy Valentine Jim gosubscribe like Billif this david chung like i’ll do themnow cooking videokeep telling it ten like some doing namei just i get 10 likes on the video podwon’t happen

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