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Easy NO BAKE cookies! Recipes with Teens & Kids

Easy NO BAKE cookies! Recipes with Teens & Kids
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Create traditions with your child! Today, we tried easy No Bake Cookies – also known as Cow Patties (yuck!) and Preacher Cookies. Join attorney Kimberly Schreiber and her teen son as they make an easy recipe!

3 cups of Quick Cook Oats
1/2 cup of milk
1 stick of butter
3/4 cup of cocoa
1 tsp of vanilla
1/2 cup of peanut butter
2 cups of sugar

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi my name is Kimberly and welcome backto my channel today we are makinganother recipe we are making no bakecookies otherwise known as cow pattiesor preacher cookies as the name suggestsyou do not make them you actually makethem on this stove so this is a greatChristmas cookie or a cookie for anytime of year so let’s take a look at theingredients that we need and I’ve gotKevin here to help me today because helikes to cook things with me so let’sget started for the ingredients you’regonna need boats cocoa powder peanutbutter vanilla milk butter and sugar ina medium saucepan on medium heatbegin melting the butter next add themilkadd in some cocoa powder[Music]and finally pour in the sugar once theseingredients are all in the pan startmixing them once everything isthoroughly mixedyou want to bring it to a low boilyou’ll know it’s starting to boil whenyou see bubbles around the edges Alexaset a timer for 90 seconds keep it on alow boil for 90 seconds and stircontinuously next add the peanut butter[Music]stir in the vanilla[Music]it takes another minute or so for allthe peanut butter to melt turn off theheat and add your oats[Music]mix thoroughly and you’re almost readyto spoon out the cookies onto some waxpaper your mixture should be thoroughlychocolatey and will look like this on along piece of wax paper spoon out thecookies you can make them as big as youlike[Music]this is the final product once you’redone spooning out the cookies just wait30 minutes and enjoy so I’m the officialcookie taste tester let’s get into itso I’m rated a one out of ten no did itso I’m ready to ten out of ten I thoughtwas really good it just like the jobwhich is like I don’t know I just likethe melts in your mouththat’s great and also if you wantanother video like this go check out ourother video on the rice krispies treatsthank you for watching our recipe videotoday on no baked cookies if you likedthis video please give it a thumbs upand don’t forget to subscribe below andclick on that notification bell so thatyou can be notified every time we makemore recipe videos like these[Music]

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