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Don’t make any cookies 🍪 until you see this 99 cent store haul

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Video Transcription

hey guys I’m speechless
totally totally speechless this hall is
should I say out-of-this-world I don’t
know I don’t know I think I should say
out this world
oh yes yes guys this is a 99 cent store
home I want to go back I want to go back
I want to just cut the camera off and go
back now because it is so over-the-top
so over-the-top guys alright I can’t do
nothing but go ahead and show you
because you have to just turn the camera
off as well and just go over there and
just go over there and get all of this
that I’m about to show you so first
thing okay I’ll just go ahead and show
you why I talk about any more right you
ready brace yourself and if I don’t hear
you saying anything
I know you passed out okay
the SSH family size $0.99 the expiration
date is October 22nd 2020 I don’t know
what to say I don’t know why was there I
don’t know if it was a mistake you’ve
rung up the wrong price I’m not sure how
many did I buy you already know you
already know I did the most you already
know you already know about 77 what 7
all right
let’s just do some Commerce stuff now
some commerce stuff I got something else
is gonna blow you away but I’m just
listeners gonna do this here just nice
and calm now alright I bought some
cheese and garlic croutons
I love croutons
I bought eggs all the time and tomatoes
now I like to have futons with them as
well yes guys yes alright I bought some
spoons because I hate washing dishes
I always buy these yeah I hate washy
dishes guys I think I lays in my old age
I guess I don’t know
I bought some vitamin E or I think about
eight of these because I’m gonna make
some body scrub and I put vitamin E or
in it as well as long a long wick cocoa
butter coconut or however you want to
call it it’s a Coco no coconut oil along
with coconut oil yeah about two for
about eight of those let’s see what else
we know this right here guys I’ve never
seen that at $0.99 only I just started
with an amazing deal so I picked it up I
don’t know if it is a name-brand I’m not
but it’s a hundred percent pure honey I
don’t know if that’s the name brand or
not but I’d like to jaw the jaw it
caught my attention it’s all-natural no
artificial colors direct from the hive I
can’t see guys and no GMO
it was a dollar 99 I bought two of those
kind of like to drink honey in my tea
and that thought was Fahrenheit they
even had the one that looked like the
bear but I think I like this
this here ja I think I liked it when
Isabella honey now I don’t know what
that is who it is but anyway how about
that about two of those that’s all my
seven cookies down there guys
yes all right this is the last thing but
I’m gonna understand if you go ahead
once I hold it up if you go ahead and at
least turn the camera off at least but
if you’re not able to I understand okay
because I was like oh my god my spirit
told me to go tonight and I sent only
and I had to obey you ready DC what this
is can you smell what The Rock is
cooking is that high go I’m not sure
white muscles from Toll House now your
that’s it I bought a case of them I’m
getting ready to do our candy buffet I
just sweet tables and I’m getting ready
to do one okay the date
is somewhere January 2020 I’m getting
ready to do the candy buffets in about
two weeks what they had peanut butter it
didn’t have chocolate or white what’s
called it they didn’t have milk
chocolate or dark chocolate
they had peanut butter and they had the
white morsels I if it could have been
polkadot either bought it there they had
a polka dot candy buffet yes guys this
is Treece deal of the week about a case
of them the little lady in the store was
like all this is yours yes ma’am
yes ma’am Sam I am yes
about a case of them I have three bags
I have three of these bags full of Toll
House muscles yes yes and yes all right
all right I think that’s really it guys
I just had the jump on the show you so I
got some Oh gift bags say I want to show
you real fast I think these are kind of
cute there’s a glitter on this side this
is the balloons right yeah they’re
balloons on this side there’s no glitter
and on the sides it’s like that
and they were thick the only thing about
the balloon I mean the bags is I always
try to reinforce it and put a little
tape on the inside you know I look at a
pond on the little thingy here to make
sure it stays and the other one I
thought I like this one the best
cuz it’s cupcakes you see how like on
the sides
oh just pink oh my god some kind of
little design on it you see yeah I love
the end on the back it’s the same design
but there’s no glitter no good guys
alright guys that is it yes I went back
to UM no I went to the night I went to
Dollar Tree today and um that stuff’s in
the car so I haven’t gotten it out yet
but I had an awesome time there too and
I’m gonna stop going because I’ve sped
up all my money I keep saying it but I
still go but I’m gonna do better so
anyway I got another haul coming up it’d
probably be tomorrow it might be tonight
if I can’t uh if I go get the stuff like
the car I’m just I just be so tired
after going there and walk around the
car let stuff I’d be overwhelmed and
I’ll just be excited it’s like oh my god
yes guys I’d be excited to see all that
stuff it is amazing guys yes it is all
right guys this should go love trees
please subscribe to the channel and hit
that notification bail so that you can
hear when I come on to inspire and
motivate you guys I’m gonna do a cook
with me um those are egglets that they
got at Dollar Tree I’m gonna do one of
those I probably do that tomorrow yeah
probably a little eaglet thing tomorrow
yeah yeah because that’s what I do so
oh I got a recipe from someone on here
on the YouTube on the YouTube I can’t
remember how YouTube channel she cook
five ingredients in a crock-pot or
something like that so anyway I got a
recipe from her and it is chicken and
dumplings so I’m gonna I’m cooking
chicken and dumplings today and I might
do a UH a cook with me with that as well
I might do that so I have a chicken on
now and so we’re gonna see we see my
tonight my good I’m excited about it
yes I love you guys I love y’all
teaching me stuff I learned from you
guys everyday I love love love you all
right guys so this should grow the trees
and I will talk to you soon
all right guys

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