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Do not bake cookies at 3am challenge – Annabelle, 새벽 3시 쿠키 굽기 도전- 에나벨

#Annabelle #Scary #Cookies
In this video, you can see how I decorated Annabelle character cookies.
Learn how to decorate it using royal icing and how to draw a face using food colorings.

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*Cookie Ingredients
(Worm-up 200 celsius 20Min / Bake: 180 celsius 10Min)
Wheat flour
Unsorted butter
Vanilla extract

*Icing Ingredients
Powdered sugar
2 large egg white
liqua gel color
squeezed lemon

Music Licenses
가을의 기억 – Titanriumhttps:
리리에(RiRie)-잃어버린 눈물,%EC%8A%AC%ED%94%94,%EC%9B%85%EC%9E%A5)
비의 도시 – Titanrium
BLACK BOX – Hikikomori,%20%EC%8A%AC%ED%94%94,%20%EC%8B%A0%EB%82%A8,%20%EC%9A%B0%EC%9A%B8,%20%EC%A2%8C%EC%A0%88,%20%EC

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