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Video Transcription

aren’t there foods out there thatactually tastes better when they’re madeby children I know that sounds reallyweird so just hear me out here for asecond but what I’m trying to say islike brownies when a kid makes browniesI feel like they taste better than whenan adult makes brown what that makessense like take Girl Scout cookies forinstance I think half the reason we alllike Girl Scout cookies is because it’sthese little girls come with these vestsand like would you like to buy some thinmints do you think the Girl Scouts makethe Girl Scout cookies no I thoughtmaybe there’s a factory over summer waydon’t you think there are Girl Scouts intheir vest of their badges in a factoryit’s kind of like Santa’s workshop withthe yellow I thought that there was GirlScout HQ and you know it’s somewhere inItaly maybe it’s but it’s not childlabor what it’s the Girl Scouts they geta they get a merit badge or whatever Idon’t know what I call I’m gonna badgeon their vest for it I thought I justyour argument that Girl Scout cookies Ipromise are not made by Nebraska back meup on the six eight seven one nine Iguarantee you Lauren then if Girl Scoutcookies were just known as adult cookiesthat sounds weird they would not be thereason we like the Thin Mints and theTagalongs and the lemon ops and allthose right cookies I think it’s becausein the back of our minds were like thisis so sweet I’m helping out these littlegirls achieve their dreams and meritbadges or all that I’m sorry to be thatperson but I think you’re absolutelyfine people buy the cookies becausethey’re good not because the girls arelearning them 45 year old dude knocks onyour door and goes hello ma’am it’s thattime of the year again would you like tobuy a box of Thin Mints Tagalongs orSamoas to help out my don’t do this tome aggression don’t do this to me I’d doanything for a box of Tagalongs bull duha bowl something dude opens the trunk ofhis car in a Walmart hey I got somecookies it absolutely has to do with thefact it’s the Girl Scouts selling thesecookies so I’m sorry when a 13 year oldin our neighborhood says Joey sorry gota constant here’s homemade browniesthose tastes better than you notanswering the phone atClarkson cuz you’re whipping up browniesbrownies we’re so good and I just feelso shafted

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