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Demonstrating How to Make No-Bake Cookies


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Video Transcription

hi everyone thank you so much for comingtoday to watch me make these no bakecookies as you know every single collegewe have they’re pretty easy and ofcourse they’re deliciousso that’s why as long as I can rememberthey favor my very favorite dessertswe’ve had them for every single familyreunion all the pot Luck’s all thebirthday parties so I have alwaysassociated them with something good andhappy so of course when I got a littleolder I wanted to make them on my ownbecause I did not want to have to waitfor something special I wanted to justeat them all day every day so I want toshare with you all how to make themyourselves as well because if you everwant them you have to wait mommyso first what you’re going to need to dois make sure you have all youringredients together you’re going toneed 1/4 estuve of butter you’re goingto need 1/2 a cup of sugar and 8 the cupof milk and then you’re going to alsoneed a tablespoon of cocoa powder andthen we’re also going to have 1/8 a cupof peanut butter today we’re just goingto use a drop of vanilla and it willalso need 3/4and also it’s good to have a dish or abaking sheet set aside with some waxpaper just so you don’t have to rush atthe end so I’m going to go ahead andjust kind of explain to you how thefirst few steps will work you’re justgoing to take your foot butter it yoursugar at your milk and your cocoa powderand you’re going to put them in asaucepan like this one and you’re goingto just heat on the other and make surethat everything is fully combined youwant to make sure the butter it’s onlymelted and then once you do that you’rejust going to want to make sure you heatagain for another couple minutes or soI’ve already gotten that far so this iskind of high your mixture should lookjust you know it’s just a liquid almostso you’re going to need to make sure tokeep stirring and so what we’re going towant to do is next add in our peanutbutter and you’re just going to need tostir that in until your peanut butter iscompletely okay you’re gonna also put inyour drop of vanilla so this this isjust kind of how ever much you want touse that’s a little much but it’s okayso here just gonna stir that in somaking sure everything we have into afully combined nicethat’s how it should be looking so thenonce you have all of that togetheryou’re going to add in your oats here soyou can just kind of add in this you’regoing to need to make sure that youroats are completely covered in themixture so this is kind of how yourmixture should be looking at this point[Music]so naturally what it should be lookinglike at this point so next what you’regoing to need to do is start justputting spoonfuls of this on your waxpaper so this you know as far as thesize goes it doesn’t really matterbecause they’ll end up partying so thisis a really tiny one but that just givesyou a good idea so of course you’regoing to want to do this with the fullmixture and you’re gonna end up wantingto leave it out for about 30 minutes youcan put it in the refrigerator as longthey’ll end up hardening and they’ll endup looking just like these cookies hereand so today I actually just forced therecipe this will just give you enoughfor probably yourself and a few friendsjust for like a small party but ofcourse you can make as many of them asyou want to and so basically that’sreally how you can do these because ofthe simplicity of this recipe here andthe wonderful taste as you all knowthey’re an obvious choice for me when itcomes to picking something to make forour pot Luck’s so I hope if you everdecide to make these cookies on your ownthey make you smile and they make youthink of your very favorite

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