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Deep Fried Cookies? Scandinavian Rosette Cookies | Swedish Rosettes!

Deep Fried Cookies! Today we are making a traditional Christmas Cookie! The Scandinavian Rosette Cookies! Some people also call these a Swedish Rosette, or a Norwegian Rosette! All of those names are correct! This is a traditional, simple deep fried cookie! To make these cookies you will need a Rosette Iron! I have listed a few of them below. We bought a set from Nordic Ware. Don’t let this recipe scare you! This was our FIRST time attempting to make these cookies, and everything turned out perfect!

2 eggs
2 tsp Sugar (yes I know I said one in the video)
1 Cup Milk
1 Cup Flour
1/4 Salt
1 Tablespoon Lemon Extract
Vegetable Oil for frying
Powdered Sugar for decorating

Lightly beat egg, stir in sugar, milk, and lemon extract. Sift together flour and salt, and add to mix. Lightly mix until creamy. Oil should be 325 degrees Fahrenheit. Dip iron into oil, and get it hot. Then dip it into the batter, but do not go all the way down, don’t cover the top of the iron. Dip in oil until it finishes bubbling. Place on tray. Let cool, cover in powdered sugar. ENJOY!

Rosette Irons:

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