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debrajoy, Chocolate no-bake cookies!

This recipe makes a lot of cookies y’all so when I doubled it up there was plenty for all the guys out here to have some! I hope they enjoyed them! Do something fun today! Like something for your neighbor!

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Video Transcription

hey y’all 10th video for today no just
kidding um I’m gonna make these cookies
and I know this little you know gonna be
enthralling for y’all but this is the
recipe now I’m telling you if your sweet
tooth or teeth as in my case are acting
up this is a really quick way to satisfy
that in fact these cookies are so rich
and so sweet it only takes one or two so
for those of y’all who take a screen
shot I hope this is long enough now
y’all will see up here I think that’s a
waste of good ink
however some sites when you go to print
a recipe it has an option where you can
not print the pictures or advertisements
or whatever
now all sites don’t do that and it’s one
of the reasons why I kind of like people
who have you know a site with recipes so
anyway we’re going to make this recipe
and it doesn’t call for very very many
ingredients and so we’re just going to
get right to it okay so you put
everything into a saucepan except for
the peanut butter now y’all I am NOT but
you know I love peanut butter okay I
love peanut butter but I only like it in
certain ways I don’t like it on celery
and one reason
that is I don’t like celery it’s it goes
in a recipe it has to be chopped up
really fine
so let’s see two cups of sugar now let’s
see I’m gonna use my smaller measuring
cup to get this sugar out of here
there’s a few little lumps in here
because let me do this over my pot
because here’s one we do have moisture
here in Southern California believe it
or not y’all I love these jars
it’s a purchase we won’t make purchases
that were like oh why did I buy that
this is not one of them I really like my
white mouth huge jars ok so two cups of
sugar now I thought I was going to make
more than one batch of these but y’all I
don’t know about that house for quite a
bit of cocoa it calls for a half a cup
so I know that I can get at least two
batches out of this cocoa that’s what I
was trying to say there you go there’s a
half of cocoa
now a teaspoon vanilla and y’all know I
don’t care if it runs over a little bit
now I’m not going to put that in my
soapy water because I’ll be making
another batch now you know we’ve talked
about making two batches of cookies and
not doubling well not doubling the
ingredients but making them separate
because sometimes that makes a
difference now the reason that I’m not
doubling the ingredients in these
cookies is because my paint big enough
and I am not using a non non stick pan
no way okay so we’ve got the sugar the
cocoa the butter now I need a half cup
of milk she didn’t like it y’all cuz
I’ve got the I’ve got the front door
closed because the construction is
getting closer and closer to us and so
I’ve got I’ve had to start keeping
things closed up a little bit
shut up different measure of this milk
it costs for a cause for a half a cup of
somebody said one time when you’re
cooking if if you could point the camera
down toward the food instead of us
looking at your face I totally agree
sweetie okay now you don’t put the
oatmeal in until this is done
now you know what look at this recipe
it says come combine sugar cocoa butter
and milk in a saucepan and boil for one
full minute remove from heat stir in
peanut butter optional drop by spoonfuls
onto wax paper and let cool for at least
30 minutes now this recipe does not say
anything about adding the three cups of
oats now y’all I printed this off okay I
didn’t make this up now that is crazy
but I do know that you add the oats to
this mixture after it has boiled so bed
so crazy y’all but I’ve never seen a
recipe be that messed up before I’m
gonna cover up my sugar here’s my oats
now I may have to get some more out but
I’m gonna measure these into my bowl and
it’s three cups
you know
dos tres y’all did not know that I could
speak Spanish did you I really wish I
cuz I just left now where did that lid
come from oh that’s my milk okay anyway
so now what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna
try to pause y’all and I’m gonna cook
this mixture for a minute using my
favorite spatula and then I’ll unpause
you and show you what this looks like
now we all know what it looks like but
I’m gonna show it to you anyway so y’all
hang on okay
okay y’all I lied I’m gonna just talk
your ear off during this minute that
this mixture is coming to a boil and
what I wanted to tell y’all is in the
video before this one I was talking
about the little book I found at CVS and
I was just going to read a little
snippet of it here and there but you
know what you guys that book is gonna be
so good that I’m going to
it at a time and I’ll try to limit it to
like 15 or 20 minutes but what I’ll do
because I know this is not going to be
something everybody wants to listen to
Debra joy reading so in the title I will
put life without limits and then y’all
will know that that’s what I’m going to
be doing now I better pay attention to
this mixture
right here or we’ll have a fiasco better
turn it down a little bit um I just kind
of skimmed a little bit and I’m going to
tell you I would not be able to not read
it jumping ahead I just think it’s
probably going to be one of the best
little books booklets I’ve ever read and
I just want to share that with y’all
I’ve never felt you know that strongly
about you know I read a lot of fiction
true-crime that’s nonfiction but I just
read a lot of stuff that you know only
one or two of y’all might be interested
in but this book I think it’s beneficial
to a lot of us and so that’s what I
wanted to do it’s go ahead y’all it
won’t be very long it’s warm in here and
it’s incredible how quickly just having
on a stove burner warrantless things up
come on butter
you got a milk baby I love butter
I just think you can eat butter with
almost anything
I could cook my bacon and butter I know
that sounds gross doesn’t it have you
ever tried it
me neither but I might you never know
that’s one thing about a keto diet I
think I’m saying that right keto Cato
and paleo they’re very similar diets and
you can eat as much meat and fat as you
want I mean I wouldn’t sit down with
half a pig and eat it or anything but
y’all know I was thinking about this
earlier because I have a friend that’s
quite a bit overweight now I would never
talk to him about this so you know no
names or anything I’m speaking in
generalities we all know that if you
over eat and I do this I do it if you
over eat on a consistent way in a
consistent way that your stomach that
little pouch in your body stretches and
then it takes more for you to feel
satisfied and so you stretch it and
stretch it and stretch it and it takes
more and more for you to feel full and
you start packing on the pounds and like
I said when I’ve gotten up to 130 pounds
it’s because that’s what I’ve done
I think that basically and we know this
from my diet which is mainly sugar
definitely more carbohydrates
if I didn’t need peanut butter and beans
died I don’t know y’all if I would have
any protein hardly in my diet okay now
I’ve got everything mixed up good I’m
gonna turn the heat up just a little bit
because it’s said to boil it for a
minute thank goodness one Mike walks in
here in the kitchen oh one of them’s
running a little slow I guess it needs a
battery okay I don’t know if y’all can
see those little bubbles around the
edges there that’s called boiling Oh
chef Pierre you so funny okay so I’m
timing it y’all one minute now I’m
definitely gonna have to give these
cookies away they’re one of those things
well Who am I trying to kid that you
just go by and you pick on them and you
pick on them and you pick on them I’m
that way about anything that’s sweet
that’s why I give away so much of my
stuff but I’m gonna tell y’all I was a
total Pig with my oatmeal bars total Pig
I did not get very many uh though
the way I did
would job be okay we don’t want to run
this over on the stove bad enough when
you flip a tray of cookies on there but
would you be comfortable enough if
somebody shared something that they had
cooked or baked with you and you didn’t
really care for it would you be okay
with saying you know that was pretty
good but it’s just not something I would
eat very often now if somebody told me
that that would not hurt my feelings in
the least why do I want to bake things
or make things and give them to somebody
that might even be putting it in the
trash so that wouldn’t hurt my feelings
at all and I’ve told Leo that before you
better be honest with me about whether
or not we’re about to get to our minute
y’all and if you don’t care for
something don’t be afraid that you will
hurt my feelings because she won’t
okay y’all that’s our minute right there
so I’m going to turn your round I’m
sorry did y’all get sick I need to serve
a Dramamine with these videos okay so
this is really hot you guys and I’m
going to pour it over my oats now I’m
only gonna add I guess I’ll do it right
now hold on y’all I am NOT
this calls for half a cup of peanut
butter I’m probably only gonna put a
good tablespoon come on see how that
this am I gonna hide this from y’all No
ah I always do that because you don’t
put your paper back on the jar I’m only
gonna put a little bit of peanut butter
in here y’all I love it
but I really prefer to taste the
SiC remove from heat and then stir in
the peanut butter now you know if you’ve
got somebody in your family that just
absolutely loves peanut butter on
everything even celery then you can
pluck that stuff in here if you’ve got
somebody that’s allergic to peanuts you
don’t have to put it in there I like
just a hint now my kids of course they
love peanut butter so and you know their
favorite when they were kids we didn’t
we had jam but usually we didn’t buy jam
we bought jelly my parents always bought
jelly we did make strawberry freezer Jam
though but my kids of course their
favorite was great jelly
oh my goodness all I do not care for
grape jelly okay here we go
and to the bowl y’all my beautiful pink
bowls I had to put them down the shelf I
was always so afraid that I would break
them trying to get them down I don’t
want that chocolate running down the
side of my pan okay
now we’re just going to stir these up I
cannot believe that I’m this recipe I’m
gonna go back on that website cooks calm
and they always have a place where you
can make comments and everything and I’m
gonna tell them something’s wrong with
your recipe in fact I’m surprised that
nobody has done that now I’m going to
add just a little bit more oatmeal
because I really like my cookies to be
these cookies anyway to be nice and firm
now you don’t want to put too much in
there because if you do your cookies are
gonna turn into a bunch of crumbles and
that is not good I probably eat them
anyway anyway so that is it for these
cookies and I’m just going to use a
tablespoon and pour out Glocks on my
tinfoil and then it said to cool at
least 30 minutes but I think longer is
better I’m gonna make another batch of
them you see how quick it in us and how
easy and that way I’ll take them to the
office and azalea can pass them out now
if I wanted to grab the credit for these
cookies I could go out there I could
package these up two at a time and I can
take them out there to the workers
individually but y’all one that’s not
important to me and number two they’re
filthy okay they’re not going to want to
hold out their dirty gloves and
everything and take cookies in their
hand so it’s just better for everybody
if I deliver them to the office and
failure will make them available to
these wonderful people I’m going to tell
you something
can you imagine using a jackhammer all
day long you would need to wear a
mouthguard like football players do for
people with TMJ like I should do to keep
your teeth from cracking and rattling
that’s a hard job y’all any kind of
construction is a hard job
so y’all this is the long video and
thanks for hanging in there and I’ll
talk to you later do something fun today
bye y’all

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