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crackheads making cookies

if you see this comment “dolphins ”


make it a great (cookie) day 🙂

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

so today we will be making cookieschocolate chips soft and chewy cookiesremember welcome to the great bakingshow with Emma and ever many Aresthey’re gonna be really goodI’m just be ready really hungry and bejealous over are you where did my hairtie go oh no you’re not true you got mecookies first things first you gotta putyour pillow rightOri yeah put come on there’s no link nooh my look balls day okay but like threepeople already call me bowling that’sokay I’m not sad at allpippy’s don’t really do it really theyreally don’t really do really really 375degrees Fahrenheitin a large bowl beat sugar 1/4 cups ofsugarPenton a little mixing squeak you knowwhy it’s such an odd mixing spoonhey let’s get the stuff not fixing to doour submarine[Music][Music][Music][Music]that’s what we have so far a smartaren’t my I so prettyit’s my I’m Stuart tell me I got a bangsince last time you saw me so that’spretty exciting and they like cover myeyebrow so it looks like I’m like Idon’t have any so I’m gonna get thosetrends when is it to freshmen in them Ican’t say that back oh we need threesticks of butter I know that’s a lot ohmy god I just ate the whole stick ofbutter no waynice panning of the camera placementthis is an interesting angle roasted by[Music]okay so okay do you guys like beingunder the cabinet to art scene this isthe flower that’s marine again I’m gonnaeat againI’m conclusion by the this has to benuts oncegood out to Vallejo yep you haveanything to say about their you know shesaid oh you just have to hold on thecamera no good patitos nice betterlet’s draw I mean literally a wholespoonful of it and I’m fine all rightNinahow’d a little kids coughed out to theoven they do not look done bro I’m sotiredfour rough green there’s green on theinside and blue on the outside it’s notfocusing be fine huh yeah yeah yeah okayso water life hahaam i also freckles they only I don’tknow she’s cracking an eggWow that was so perfect did you have funwatching that yeah ha ha there’s not astar in heaven that we can’t read[Music]

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