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Cooking Class Huevos rancheros breakfast cookies salads

Learn how to make 5 min huevos rancheros or vegan tofu rancheros. Also make vegan breakfast cookies in 15 min and mason jar salads in 10 min for real food / real fast during the work week!

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Video Transcription

did you do the natural path of course
yeah you didn’t I did and you did you
share this on the on the Facebook group
page for naturopathic yeah okay that’s
where I saw my that’s okay baby what
games from me came to me so on the class
yeah I took that class to your side I
remember seeing this three grams let’s
see we’re about to get started here
so just in another minute hey Donna good
to seeing you are you guys all over
there you have your friends there too um
we’re doing the three different meals
we’re gonna do a Mexican meal we’re
gonna do the breakfast cookies and
someone wanted to see the mason jars out
so I’m here with two friends as well and
we’re getting ready to go and it looks
like Sally just jumped onto hello so the
first thing that we had we were talking
over here and we’re just getting started
is the breakfast cookies and I heated up
the oven because what I’d like to do is
we’re gonna be popping these in so by
the end of the cooking class we can pop
them out
you get to try so um these are the
superhero breakfast cookies the recipe
comes in the guidebook and it’s the
good food will results book it comes
with all the menus in it
superhero breakfast cookies would be
what you have for breakfast
in lieu of you know oatmeal or eggs or
something like that what’s nice is you
can make a batch of these you grab your
two cookies in the morning and you got
your breakfast and and then if you do
the mason jar salads for lunch then
you’re going to get for breakfast and
lunch and we just have to solve your
dinner so this has two cups of oats 1/4
or 1/2 a cup of cranberries or raisins
or goji berries it’s two tablespoons of
coconut flakes which has already put in
here too if you need to add extra salt
it says you could do a half a teaspoon
of sea salt then two scoops of veggie
blend or protein blend I haven’t gotten
the optimum venture Beacon blend that
epicure has yet but they have a really
great just plain vegan protein powder so
you don’t have all that the extras you
know that some protein powders have and
then they also have smoothie boosters
where you can have extra greens or you
can have extra superfoods in it
and you can add a scoop of that then a
cup of nut butter of some sort we didn’t
do peanut butter we did the Sun butter
made out of sunflower seeds you can get
that at Walmart good fats for you one
banana mashed and then a quarter cup of
almond milk so we do all that put it
together and then you just put them in
little half cup sizes and then put it on
your baking sheet so you can take a half
a cup measuring so you get a substantial
breakfast cookie out of this so this is
how much is each in each cookie and you
can use this or
what’s nice is Epicure has the little
burger maker you can make full-sized
burger patties using this and I liked it
when we were making the vegan are the
veggie burgers because it’s a lot easier
to pack it together but you can do your
meat burgers this way turkey burgers and
then they have an option for smaller
slider size the slider size so which is
the perfect size for these vegan cookie
or these cookies so it’s just the small
patty so you can make sliders or you can
use it for your cookies what’s nice is
the bottom pops out so it’s a lot easier
like this
than using a regular measuring cup
not much easier so that’s how you do the
vegan are not the vegan well they could
be vegan cookies because depends on what
kind of protein powder you use and what
kind of milk you use we used all the
almond milk yeah we use non-dairy on
everything today
and you get just a little bit of
sweetness the sweetness and this mix
comes from the dry fruit and the banana
so there’s no added sugar when you’re
making these cookies
and because of the size like I said this
is your this is a good breakfast to
cookies mm-hmm and it’ll tide you over
and it’s the oat grain in here that
really does it and it’s a lot better car
than say wheat or processed flowers it
takes a little bit longer for your body
to break it down which is what you want
in a good whole-grain car
cars come through the oatmeal yes yes so
you can’t do that so with the keto diet
you want to stay away from grains and
the carbs so having the eggs like we’re
going to be doing next the huevos
rancheros is definitely what you want to
do there
yeah I got one more cookie pack up here
you do yeah
so you’ve got 1 2 3 4 days worth of
cookies if you double the batch you can
get a whole week out of it all right so
we are done here these are going to pop
in the oven
and then again and 15 minutes
gasps has a person help
this is a gas oven – yes natural gas
oven Sammis – you’re just – yeah so yeah
15 minutes to be it it said on the
recipe 13 to 15 minutes so and again
this was the superhero breakfast cooking
all right I promised you these three
meals so now we’re moving on to the
I got my little validation
all right so mason jar salads this
recipe comes in the catalog so Donna I
think you have the catalog there you can
open it up and we’re on page 50 where it
says salad dressings and then you’ll see
the mason jar salad there and what’s key
to the mason jar salads is the portions
we want to get your portioning right in
your salad jar so you have that balanced
meal and you’re going to feel full after
eating it
otherwise you’ll be like I’m still
hungry so for the protein in this
example that they have here it is using
garbanzo beans so I use what’s great
Epicure has these portioning spoons so
you don’t have to think about it
so the fats this is their fat spoon this
is how much recommended dressing you
with you
the brown is your grains the green
arching that of the brown is I always
get that mixed up the ground is yeah is
your grains the teal is your protein and
the green is your greens
I think the green is green yeah so in
this I’ve already pre-measured the
garbanzo beans by protein so I put those
in there if you like chicken and you had
like say leftover chicken and stuff you
can chop up some chicken and put it in
there and that would be a good protein
base and then you put your dressing in
epicures got the different salad
dressings that you can mix all you need
is the vinegar in the oil
there’s balsamic Caesar Greek Italian
sesame ginger and the one I used was the
balsamic vinaigrette for this one and so
we just take the bat’s spoon here the
and you know exactly how much you need
and which is great then – you’re not
drowning yourself and too much dressing
but you’re getting the flavor that you
need as well so you want to make sure
that is on the bottom and then for our
grain and you could skip your grain ring
for example for when you’re when you’re
eating but we’re using quinoa so I’ve
made this quinoa yesterday but what you
just do is you can make a big batch and
then you can make your salads out of it
and I use the brown for grains and
I have pre-measured it into here so I
made it a little bit easier to use for
demonstration purposes but we’re just
going to put that in here our mason jar
I recommend wide mouth mason jars as it
could be a little bit easier to put
stuff in so we got our layers in we got
the quinoa then you have your veggies so
that would be your greens or your
veggies your greens group that is the
biggest policy compare it recommends
that you have two cups of the greens
when you’re putting it so it also
includes any kind of veggies so
I’ve got chopped up some red onion and I
chopped up some peppers I’m going to put
those in and that equivalent was one
and then this is
then I’m topping this off with lettuce
for mine
so grabbing my salad out of the fridge
and you can use your scooper
help you measure
so what you do is you want to pack it in
so you know you’re getting the right
amount so that’s about one scoop right
I would just chop it off
so you fill it up with salad and what’s
nice is the dressing is at the bottom so
it’s not going to make your lettuce
that’s the key right there then all you
do is put your lid on
and you’re done make seven or you know
five days a week here at work so our six
days if you’re working six days a week
make enough for those days have them
already made in your refrigerator so you
just grab it in the morning take it to
work and you’ve got much so it’s a great
way if you’re trying to get more salads
into your diet and being able to eat the
fresh cream and have it handy
so what I’ll put this in the fridge and
for us to eat salad this afternoon like
that over here okay
so that is how you do the mason jar
salads again that’s on page 50 they have
a recommendation in the the booklet here
they have a lot more recipes for you if
you want ideas of what to pack into your
mason jar salads they have it under
let’s see lunch they have build soups
build your own soup and they have build
your own sandwiches and they have build
your own nourishing Bowl nourishing Bowl
aka salad and they have a list of you
know different proteins you can use
complex carbs you can use veggies and
then for you for keto you would just
skip the carb piece and then add more
because the protein level would be the
same the amount
so there we go so we’ve done that is
that one day’s worth or more so that jar
was one day one meal and then to make
more you’d make a jar for each meal so
definitely set up where you can make a
batch ahead of time and then you’ll have
your individual salads now for a family
and you’re making a bigger salad like if
you have a family of four I would
suggest doing a keto burn on keto but
instead of a mason jar salad I would do
like bowl salads and you can also pre
make them as well you put your layer of
the garbanzo beans we’re going to do
four people here today so I’m going to
do four
for tons of dressing
the quinoa yeah is that okay yeah okay
we got the quinoa
layered on the quinoa then you’re going
to do your layer of veggies and then the
layer of salad on top
we cut my veggies
in my mind I put it back in the fridge
all right
so you can pre make your salad this way
as well
but I see and you can see all the layers
and that’s what we’re going to eat over
oK we’ve got five more minutes for the
cookies oh you’re welcome down it so now
we’re going to do the main course which
are the huevos rancheros so if you get
the good Mexican meal kit it comes with
five recipes quick burritos nachos Egypt
Akitas enchiladas and then huevos
Ranchero wraps and you’ll notice in the
ingredients and you can look at the
ingredients for these other ones it’s
not the typical ingredients that you’ll
find a Mexican food they have more of a
healthy twist to it but you have all the
flavor which is really good so we’re
doing the huevos rancheros wraps this
morning we’re going to do a vegetarian
version as well as one with eggs so that
way you can see it’s very flexible for
the type of diet you have so we’re going
to switch
I’ve got the little try for that
so I’ve got some tofu right here and
then I’ve got eggs from our chickens and
since we’re doing a tofu version I’m not
going to have to do as many eggs I’ll
put these two up
yeah they’re from outside I didn’t know
until I got chickens that you don’t have
to refrigerate the eggs when they come
fresh out of the chicken okay so these
eggs are like the see one two three days
old I get two eggs a day so the oldest
one is three days old um so the huevos
Ranchero wraps very easy simple meal to
make it takes about six minutes to do
total you just take your age we’re going
to take the guacamole dip mix 1/4 cup of
water 2 teaspoons of oil we have the
whole grain tortillas and you can skip
the tortillas for yours and a cup of the
black beans 2 cups of the picante poco
picante salsa and 1 cup of the grated
low-fat cheese of your choice if you
want to add cheese on top so I got my
black beans
I hide up some tomato to make the salsa
so I got a fresh tomato and I’ve got
some red onion and I’ve got some corn
thank you I got some corn and this is
what you do to make the salsa you add
the Pico picante and the recipe is also
on here so you you dice everything up
you add two tablespoons in the mix
handy-dandy supermoon measurer
Jew there we go and we’ll just kind of
let this all meld together with the
spices and it’s all the high-tech now
that you take a look here
smell it too hey Steve thanks for
we just made some fresh salsa so this is
all going to meld together here while
we’re doing the huevos rancheros so now
we’re going to be adding the eggs the
guacamole dip the water tea two spoons
of oil and put it together then we’re
going to be cooking the tofu woman and
I’ll show you two ways to do it so we’re
going to be the eggs on the stove we’re
going to do
the oil
all right now okay
we got our eggs and Steve jumped in I
don’t know if you were in here when I
was talking about these eggs these eggs
are fresh they’re like right out of the
chicken so you’ll notice when you have
fresh eggs like that can you see the
like a bright bright yellow almost
orange color I was like wow oh I can eat
my breakfast cookies I hear the bell let
me go check on that
I’ll let
perfect and those will be cool
while we’re making our breakfast here so
the huevos rancheros it’s one of the
five recipes you get in good Mexican let
me share with you guys too because I was
turned before we went on here today
about Epicure Epicure is actually
started in Canada it’s been there for 20
years and all their ingredients are
non-gmo a lot of organics they’re adding
more organics to them every day and
there’s no artificial flavors or
preservatives or colors which is really
important when you’re trying to eat
healthy food
now we just believe that
now the guacamole dip mix I remember
Donna did I give you the guacamole dip
mix in your sample it is really
I’ll let you
we are adding that to our eggs and we’re
adding that to your tofu
all right so we got our eggs mixed up
doing the two
two tablespoons of crocodile and dip mix
adding a little bit of water
and we cook this up that’s all there is
to it you put it on the stove you let it
start heating up and then you kind of
stir it one more time
to start to scramble and
we’re gonna do a tofu version
I got my tofu here and I actually made
the other half of my tofu I had used
that I put it in the blender and I use
it as a like a cream cheese bread I
mixed some of the spices in with it and
it tasted delicious it was more it was
like that I used the onion garlic and
then mixed
with the spread and put that over
a pastry puff and baked it supid okay so
what we’re going to do here
going to use before because it’s really
to match it up with a fork
so take a serving here at your tofu you
just smash it up
we’ll do one teaspoon of the guacamole
and if I haven’t showed you this this is
awesome this is a little measuring spoon
is got tablespoons it’s got a teaspoon
and it’s got a half a teaspoon all on
one stick so you don’t have to have all
these separate measuring spoons it’s
really handy alright so we’re just gonna
mash this up here so we’re just mixed up
tofu with the guacamole dip mix and now
we’re going to show you the steamer so
do you have a microwave at home
no that’s okay the steamer works in the
microwave or on the oven or the stove if
you’ve got like a toaster oven they make
a smaller version of this if you have
you know a small
and put it in but it’s great and it
helps save a lot of time
in this example though I’m going to use
the microwave ovens since we got one and
we’re taking the tofu mix to put it in
put the lid on and three minutes
now it would be blessed if you had a
more powerful microwave but I got good
little dinky thousand won so it takes
three minutes on there it will probably
be like a minute and a half if you had a
bigger one
what are where are the breakfast cookies
are you ready for breakfast cookies
breakfast cookie oh that’s right you
came late you missed the whole baking of
the cookie well let me shed
let me stir up my egg
there we go
but our breakfast cookies these are
breakfast cookies right here so oatmeal
banana what else did we did protein
powder in it you can add some other
boosters to it as well we use nut butter
we used a sunflower butter for our nut
butter and this is what you have
breakfast is two cookies and this is
actually already dessert for you guys so
you nibble if you want now or not so
we’ve got the eggs going we got the tofu
going that’s almost done
oh so we got the way you build your
bravest rancheros it’s you’re going to
have your plate tortilla and you can put
the egg or the tofu on it then you put
some of the black bean on it and top it
with your sauce lid and then you eat it
so being from the black bean and I got
my spoon for my salsa we’re gonna put it
over here already
and move this out of the way too
okay 30 seconds thank you
we are now tricking the tofu the eggs
are ready to go over there
that smells good
well this is her okay again what’s nice
about this steamer is not only does it
work in the microwave but it works in
the oven it works in a toaster oven it’s
also dishwasher safe you can also freeze
it it’s made of that high grain silicone
without that doesn’t Beach you know yeah
I don’t think the chemicals out of it so
it’s a really great KitchenAid to help
things go a little bit faster the other
thing it is it’s not like a big solid
we’re used to using cookware so you just
have to realize it wobbles a little bit
so when you just be careful I should
take it out from the oven so so you
steamed with no water interesting yes
that’s the secret of this steamer
yes is going to
okay so we have everything here we’ve
got this so we’re gonna start plating
now I do have my tortillas here and let
me show you what its gonna look like
it’s finished so how are we doing right
now on the time you’re at 1:30 and we
are done we just cooked lunch we did
showed you how to do breakfasts we
showed you how to do salads for the week
all right but the proof comes with how
well does it taste just tasting going
there you put down
all right
and let’s put down the tortilla
yes like that yeah eggs can get kinda
bland over time definitely
so I layer it with an egg then we’re
gonna put some black bean and then some
salsa on top of that so I’ll let you fix
one of the plates here for me while I
so this is the tofu version I think it
smells delicious and now it’s going to
taste it because tofu absorbs the flavor
or whatever seasoning you put on it and
the seasoning is amazing
and if you will ask
then I’ll show you our finished product
Donna what would be a good substitute
for tofu okay so if you want to do a a
vegan version you don’t want to use tofu
you can use two different types of beans
we used a black bean but you can also do
like a pinto bean something like that
never mind I got it okay good all right
so here comes mine back this is our
finished product this is what it looks
like we’re going to make a little toss
salad for the side of our lunch – tofu
substitutes for the meat yes so we don’t
want to do the eggs again if you don’t
if you want to make this out of chicken
you can do that I mean there’s so many
different recipes you can just swapping
the protein and you have all these great
meals and this is all with the good
Mexican spice bundle you get the popo
picante you get the guacamole so you
and you get a couple other spices as
well that comes along with it so
everybody enjoy thanks for watching the
cooking show and I’ll see you in the
group some more and I’ll keep posting a
few more things for you guys to see more
the different products we have so thank
you all bye
you can make a big thing of the the tofu
and then you’ll just already have your
Baban wanna come eat
all right
very good
is it spicy or just the onion that is
you know there’s allspice appendix
or yams it’s got some chili and garlic I
think those are the spices that you
so for you you want to back off on
another disease thing maybe
spices are good for you
no I know how now my husband’s head she
puts Tabasco and everything that’s too
hot for me
but it’s just perfect for Ted
I know
see the benefits
oh we’re still alive do you guys hearing
us eat that is too funny
all right bye-bye

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