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Cookies With Smarties | Episode 24

How to make cookies with smarties.

My children used to love my smartie cookies recipe when they were little and still do. These cookies with smarties never last very long in the biscuit barrel. I used to make this smartie cookies recipe with the children as well. It is a good introduction to cooking and of course, the final results are delicious. If you don’t want to use smarties, just change to 175g chocolate chips or any favourite. You don’t need a freestanding mixer, it can be done with a handheld, or completely by hand, just make sure the butter is at room temperature, otherwise, it will be hard work.

This smartie cookies recipe makes 16.

– 200g Butter (softened)
– 200g Soft Light Brown Sugar
– 2tbsp Golden Syrup
– 1/2tsp Vanilla Paste
– 300g Self Raising Flour
– 3-4 Tubes of Smarties

1) Line some baking trays with baking parchment. I usually use three trays as the biscuits spread out while cooking.
2) In a freestanding mixer place the butter, soft brown sugar, golden syrup and vanilla paste, mix until creamy and combined.
3) Add half the flour and half the smarties and mix. This breaks up the smarties a bit. It will start to look like it is not going to come together, but it will.
4) Now add the remainder of the flour and the smarties and start mixing by hand, squeezing the dough until it forms a ball. Don’t worry it will come together. Children love this bit.
5) Once formed into a ball divide into 16 balls and place on the baking trays with space between each biscuit. Do not press down, they will spread by themselves.
6) Bake in the oven at 180C/Gas 4 for between 9-12 minutes. You will have to keep and eye on them as they will all cook at different times depending on where they are in the oven.
7) Once they are cooked, leave to cool on the tray to firm up before removing them with a fish slice and placing them on a wire rack to cool. They will be soft, but they firm up as they cool.
8) Once cool store in an airtight container, if they last that long. Mine usually disappeared before they are cold.

I hope you enjoy my guide on how to make cookies with smarties x

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Video Transcription

hello and welcome back today I’m goingto make cookies with smartest pleasedon’t forget to Like and subscribe andclick that little notification buttonthank you for this smarty cookies recipeyou’re going to need golden syrup sugarself-raising flour butter vanilla pasteand of course motiveI’m going to use this big machine againbut you can do it by hand and you can doit with a handheld mixer so to startwith I’m going to put the butter intothe bowl this is soft brown sugar thatgoes in as well I need 2 tablespoons ofgolden syrup and I’ve just heated mymetal spoon up in some boiling water asyou can see it comes off the spoon a loteasier and creates less mess and lastlyI’m going to put in half a teaspoon ofthis gorgeous smelling vanilla pastejust adds a little something to biscuitsnow all I’m going to do is turn themachine on and cream the butter and thesugar together all I need to do now isadd half the flour half the smartest andstart mixing again now it started comingtogether I’m just going to add the restof the flour and the rest of theSmartiesI’m bringing it together with my handsI’m just going to go in with my handsnow and make it into a ballhow hard work nice big ball of dough allI’m going to do now is divide it into 16balls and put the balls on the trayprobably about six – a tray and thenbake them in the oven so there’s two bigas wellleave them as all because they willspread out and what you want is for thecenter to be all soft and gooeywhile the outsides just sort of work outwhether they’re the same size or not youwill get different sizes because that isthe joy of home cooking and then theyall fight over who gets the biggestcookie all I need to do now is put themin the oven for nine to ten minutes at180 keep an eye on them because they docatch well that’s it my smarty cookiesrecipe I hope you enjoy them don’tforget to Like and subscribe and clickthat little notification button I’m nowgoing to enjoy mine with a nice cup oftea and I’ll see you all again next timethank you goodbyeOh[Music]smarty cookies recipes Marty cookierecipe smarty cookies yes yes singlesmarty wo in the camera yeah sending itfrom over there a single smarty doublecookies okay so don’t forget to Like andsubscribe and click my cooking I know Idid well there they are my smartycookies recipe I hope you enjoy themdon’t forget to click there they are mysmarty cookies recipe I hope you’llenjoy them don’t forget to Like andsubscribe and click the littlenotification button I’m now going to eatmine with a well-deserved cup of tea Ihope to see you all again next timethank you goodbye

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