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Cookie Decorating lesson – Wet on wet polkadots with writing & ruffled edge – Easy dress cookies


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Video Transcription

hello welcome Marlin here for today’scookie project we’re making a dress thisis another version using the same cutterI made this little kind of tree inspiredChristmas dress and for today’s projectwe’re going to do a Valentine’s spin onthe same shape and now onto thestep-by-step tutorial alright so I’mjust adding a ruffle here at the bottomof my dress and I’ve got a 101 at EchoI’ve got the small side towards metowards the bottom of the dress startingabout here and I’m just doing kind oflike little W movement type of a thingjust a gentle little wiggleand there we go and now I’m gonna switchup my tip now for the sleeves I’m justadding a little ruffle here just like alittle shell border on both sides andthen just a white neckline and that’s itnow for the sleeves here if you knowanything about sewing the angle here I’mgonna go towards like a triangle so I’mtrying to replicate that just doing alittle dot here and then I’m going up tothe top and then this is kind of roundedand then build these puffy sleeves outthere we goand now I’m just grabbing my almost Iguess it’s a shade of red and the pinkreddish color and I’m just adding abunch of dots polka dots to this therewe go and we can shake this out to getthe dots to sink in and we’re going tolet this crust before moving on to therest of the dress here all right here wego I’m going to finish off the surfacehere adding the same pink as the sleeveall right now that I’ve got my surfacepretty much smoothed out now I can comein and add my dots to my dress hereI’m staggering themand now I’m just going to shake thecookie to sink in those dots and now wegotta let this we have to let thiscookie dry before we can add the nextlayer of icing I want to add a littleapron so this is the belt I’m using thesame color that I did the dots in andjust like a rectangle shape there we’regoing to let this crust before addingthe top and bottom now for the top ofthe apron here I’m adding kind of asquare shape just like that and justfill that inthere we goand now I’m going to rotate just so Ican work a bit better following theshape here and again on the other sideand then connecting and just flood allthatand a shake I’m grabbing the sink colorI used on the belt and I’m doingwet-on-wet here starting a boat here andtake me all the way to the other sideand there we have the apron just want toshake it to flatten out that love inthereokay now I’m finishing off the littleapron at the top and using that same redpink dark color there and I’m just doinga double line broke and on the otherside here’s a bit of a separation soI’ll do another thereand here is the completed design onceagain the possibilities are endless withthis shape let your creativity you knowgo and just make it your own dosomething fun so I hope you enjoyed thetutorial thanks so much for watching ifyou have any questions please post themin the comments I’ll get back to you assoon as I can I’ll have the cutter linkin the description box thanks so muchfor watching and I’ll see you next time

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