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Cookie challenge (we don’t know how to make cookies) reuploaded

I’m reuploading this video with a few minor fixes

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

all right so we’re gonna bake some
oh when we can do these yes I have no
idea how to bake cookies so I thought it
would be a great idea yeah good behind
the cameras gonna trial yeah I’m so
fucking excited I’m sorry it’s okay yes
it’s okay you might get severe poisoning
it’s been nice knowing you let she’s
estrella her hey your head out of your
ass yeah thanks chase nice nice I didn’t
get any so haha
I have a feeling that y’all are gonna
give me a heart attack and die you
fucking shit yeah that’s a nice
important fetus right there yeah I
bought it chicken babies no faster you
gotta break the freaking yolks hey I got
a Buddhist dog for this you gotta break
them babies break him Greg I’m like I
made it
see seed like Eric he’s got his shit
down man he’s really giving it to those
chicken fetuses
I think we put a little bit too much
milk in there though yeah man you’re
gonna need like a lot of fucking flour
hey bones okay I should know I drink
that shit every day and I always have a
fight accident every like fucking
periodic later I mean I just dude no God
not that much fucking butter you guys
trying to give me fucking cholesterol
the age of fucking 18 yep that’s all I
fucking die isn’t it oh man this is
gonna be the longest
this is gonna be the lumpy shit ever man
oh my god just put some fucking flour
that shit that way no it resembles
though you know what just fucking make a
mix of it both and then put it in there
honestly that looks like absolute shit
god help me hey know whatever fuckin
higher-power that fucking nexus help me
right now yeah did you seriously just
fuckin do that Vince McMahon shit nice
joke oh shit fuck man now I regret
eating breakfast I’m saying now I regret
it I guess I’m in myself in a pancake at
least it’ll be dope
it’s so fucking lumpy like hey sort of
resembles no kind of nut gotta really be
the shit in there fucking Eric’s over
here looks like a fucking shitstorm yeah
yeah go oh it does look like it actually
looks like better fruitcake
I almost think it’s getting there dude
yes it is I think you put too much milk
in there nah man into useful oh yes they
use fuck put more more more in there
fucking brown sugar – I use white sugar
already mix what it do I mean I know you
also have the brown sugar liking hi
Hey look at it look at it
Master dick shit dude the sexiest phone
pretty good right and then smelling nice
that’s good
Hey holy shit Eric sexy looks like
though mine is too liquidy put mine
stink no you think Eric snow is how I
like my woman I mean who doesn’t right I
mean I would really just think it’s
later but I would do it now secure it
beeper day what we wanted for the whole
war I didn’t say that right Eric
Erickson savage man never sit here so if
you look at savage no I mean who the
hell is civilize in this day and age
right y’all trying to give me a heart
attack if that’s like the Lisa yeah I’m
the saying that it’s like if you want to
give me a heart attack you have put in a
little bit more than that
rule question is which one do we use oh
man I’m gonna fucking die hi it’s a
pinch just a pinch in Japan there was
just a bitch
yeah get in there get in there
Eric I’m somewhat disappointed that you
look at fucking Adams over here man this
shit actually looks our hate hey don’t
knock it sure you trying but I mean his
shit looks like oh like liquidy
Tollhouse though not that bad the window
to the hole it is a guess on my bow nope
alright the only allergies I have or
pollen anything that deals so Southside
I’m probably allergic to it somehow
yeah you need more flour and don’t
forget the cannoli need more flour flour
not good
I think we really should just what the
hell did you do
put a Wallflower I just dumped it
I think y’all really should just sleep
we’re gonna have so much mopping to do
yes mama cooks every spacing extra and
the best oh you want the best for no joy
Adam remember just just just the tag I
think so just sit and learn too much
don’t dump it in
I swear to god I’ll never forgive you
God your shirt will never forgive you an
H no oh God
done the next y’all are gonna kill me
yep Mike that’s the plan I think that’s
made cinnamon house me the sinner
alright so right there some soup okay
do you like cinnamon yeah I don’t care
you’re gonna like it now get freaking
like effects immense bearing in the
background here do those are so good
actually that looks like like heated up
Toll House I’m not gonna lie oh my God
look at this shit it’s like an ice cream
this Vincent that’s soft-serve shit dude
this tastes so good I actually kind of
want to try it now
yeah yeah top of the secret ingredient I
taste a lot of peanut butter in Eric’s
yeah that’s because I’ve been like a
whole booth win just when they’re he’s
standing right next to me
Shh now that’s why cedar Esther will not
seek a recipe secret ingredient it’s my
seeking now right boy what sorry this
looks like someone just took a shit in
like diarrhea shit yeah see it’s even
got the consistency that’s like the
little lumps in there what told you
about my most one of my most
embarrassing moments yeah well you have
I do have a lot of them you’re correct
um I’m like doing the camera there in
summer school last year problem I didn’t
before but I was like at 10 o’clock and
I thought it was gonna be a little
farting I accidently shot myself the
chef my fence I took a shower right I
didn’t cry when I was I think I
I think I was like 7
well just one time I was like 10 and I
was like coming home from like Christmas
break right man my stomach my stomach
was fucking acting up like a mofo dude I
was like come on butt cheek stay
together right and then dude it like I
like I saw that kid like only fart no
you know yo you’re gonna you’re gonna
like peanut butter but yeah yeah I had a
case of butt cheeks stay together man it
didn’t work out too well I like SOT it
was only gonna be a fart so if I just
like had a heart yeah it charted it just
booked shots just frickin there goes a
pair of underwear right y’all are gonna
make me hate peanut butter actor does
gonna be a favorite ingredient yeah some
of your favorite thing eh might be
pretty good tomatoes yours is looking
no actually here’s a lot more doughy my
my my nose hasn’t like a bunch of loose
stuff in it I like you guys it’s so much
freaking flour yours to compensate for
all the milk and if y’all tried does
y’all are gonna be so freaking
constipated I have a feeling like it’s
gonna be like a day or two and then
you’re just gonna like it right right
you’re getting your might
this support I’m afraid about your are
the best cookies in the world you know
why cuz I’m in know what I love you both
I do but I don’t trust you with my life
I’m not a cat damn it
they don’t have nine
okay so here you’re gonna be on this one
yeah oh I wouldn’t up footed that close
to the edge
I’m gonna be able to pull like three
damn cookies on the rack here I feel
like one more dude like they’re gonna be
big as shit dude I know it should be
like a dinosaur shit in the cookie
batter I don’t know you don’t know me
you all dignity as Malcolm once said
that is a big pile of shit you have to
put more
do this cookie those actually really
good supply no that’s good
he’s gonna he’s gonna have like a cookie
pizza man they do what it’s like yeah
now that we know you try it and I think
I’m messing up now here’s our fruit of
the vine yeah there’s so much damn
peanut butter in both of them I think
you’re done I think you’re done kiss
that one on the corner is gonna be like
a runoff Jabba the Hutt cookie this is
all right do do do do do do do do you do
like Adam trying to figure out
technology Oh No
anyway there was a little pause day and
it was some magical teleportation would
be back could run attack we just decided
the loser has to do the cinnamon
so what we’re dealing with right is what
I like to call cookie pizzas right like
miniature pizzas
yeah and when they start cooking off
they’ll like slowly imploring each other
yeah well it’s called a crooked me
you’re mean you know what sucks is that
you can only see atoms yeah you can only
see mine heiresses off the bar detail
but yours get more heat I mean they’re
the rising mines our consultations
there’s nobody minded they’re gonna like
it’s like pure fat they’re gonna slowly
more reason wait Mighty Morphin Power
Rangers we didn’t use nonstick spray
Lars 144 century on stage right no it’s
just like the new slow dance or the
waltz yeah you’re crazier than the Fonz
hey hey I can see a chocolate chip
just a one singular chip I I think only
one my cookies got that bit of cinnamon
in it well I also want to show y’all
so instead of that was like up here
right yeah it’s not right here
great hey if you don’t like Suman you’re
going right now I know right yeah if you
don’t like anything on this table
you’re gonna uh-huh I know what’s that
we’ll never know how to repeat the
recipe we have on our lives
yeah good luck having precise residence
on this would disappoint Paul don’t get
in there just like raining no Gibson the
dough pretty good all I know is I’m
gonna have to get like a stein full of
milk pretty shit we could have what a
shit oh okay what oh just like mom you
send me whatever if rip riperoni nobody
hears out of that one I really hope I
lose we said I kind of want to do a
sermon challenge he’s like kind of like
seven actually I really like cinnamon
yes you do
you’re still gonna freakin bark that up
in the sink you know you do anything he
gets off scot-free
that’s it doesn’t actually Dylan you
have to you know it’s he’s a real loser
here yeah
if you trim to give your award these the
rulers are here news and meeting with
the highest losing streak in the NBA
record hopefully none of us become
charter just once we come charge on us
we’re gonna put that edit in there after
how the rubber spits out the dust I’m
gonna put a Charizard a movie clip with
him pretty you see flames we already
that swear to god I’ll do that man we’re
about to get a heart attack I’m not
dancing you’re joking shit on seems just
like a per ticket it’s in a slowly sorry
tell it because of that one right there
see the cracks it’s like that goose bump
tail the blob that ate everything what
the blob part of like a movie aliens
versus monsters or something yeah he was
beat wall or Bob yeah whatever it was
one of those who is a solver Bob I
completely forgot what it’s done then
stick with the first to the circle by
knowing neo too soon with like without
the pain
most doors those two are combined those
tolling u-19 to become one now we need
the fusion dance emoji okay everyone get
ready soon
no way they’re gonna be powerful
hey Vegeta
where’s the scouter say about his power
level nice I already taste no singing
peanut butter they look like they did
the fusion dance mine is a stable with
one-way mines deverax that it looks like
oh my it’s the human cookie feed lines
yours is like the human centipede was
freaking cookies dude we’re not gonna go
into that one we’re not gonna go into
that we are at 27 minutes but it stood
of it huh I think that’s gonna five more
you got spinning million years I guess
we used everything on this table
everything except anxious separation
except for exhales we I might have put
some people in can take them out five
minutes and don’t put them on in here
put them on the countertop
that would be to help you carry beyond
five doors in then you’ll feel illusion
yo bitch I can I can I
I take slightly offensive that you know
coolest are da booty really good I love
this job good laying on the floor and
have a heart attack and rate your will
getting the pen and paper stick it right
something if y’all did I wouldn’t pick
up you cookies Oh breaking cookies we’re
all gonna lose the shit
well like you just gotta eat one I’m
gonna eat one of yours
sound fair what’s fair to me we can’t
all die together yeah we can all die go
to hell together I love you lads it’s
been great knowing yet what are you
talking about why does it add in it
ain’t ain’t mines on and yours is the
cookie set of fish then I’m sick cookies
cookies it’s cookie Pete appeared it’s a
cookie advancing these no shoulder mouth
sorry he said like five minutes right
yes we’re at 31 minutes
well what time 7:30 one that’s been four
minutes yeah what we have like 30
seconds something like that
it’s Klopfer talk you guys oh yeah yeah
thank the ground chuck the ground for me
it’s going it’s online then you need
someone in the face yeah it’s like I
like this oh sure no yeah apple cider
vinegar besides me no I am gonna kill ya
you know why this shit tastes disgusting
but it helps Edmund
it helps like the sinuses signing says
like smell with the mother more smell oh
do I think Eric’s gonna barf in your
backpack well that’s not why it’s drover
exercises I think they’re done yeah yeah
should be done
in the back away from the foul pit of
hell actually burn myself on that
toaster oven I was trying to take like
pull it out take pocket take the trail
what I think mama right just just take
him out where that one is I think bar no
right to bit much
we’re gonna – you’re all gonna be mushy
– suck it might be skipping
no one is gonna burn themselves but I
have the dual group I might burn myself
please they don’t see no one got burned
cookies are good now this thing right
you said nobody you’re funny I burned
myself I told y’all take them where from
team snow mines
you got it
here we go
which one looks more like justice Laden
well I’d say he’s smelling they do smell
really good mines I think mine’s a nice
and smooth on your package make kind of
in the paper keys you might enjoy yeah
I’ll actually say mine looks like of me
the launch of peanut butter it does its
cuz I apologize it’s cuz I love this guy
my oh my
we didn’t have to use a spray yeah you
didn’t have to use the nonstick spray
look at that one we’re all gonna try
each other’s he’s so the car so it’s
gotta be the first one because he’s the
judge yeah
go ahead you guys might be bigger but
you know what it’s not about the size
it’s about what counts which one are you
gonna try dude look at the inside he’s
like the cookie is inside
how are they out of ten ten paces out of
so what’s that ten out of ten I was like
negative one niggaz before that it was
it edible
alright well that’s that’s all good
enough Eric’s abomination is the inside
of it with the inside you guys got like
the kinkiest 50 inside ever hey hey
every big case at least we can make take
one day you can invade that cinnamon I
thank all around Network I don’t know
how to tell you this but these are
pretty bad yeah I think all around it
does but this one’s actually in Hayes
their cookies those are pretty bad hey
you know I think there’s there’s the
last actually way are you kidding me are
you kidding me no let me get back into
her charm on finish that’s always really
to myself with mine tastes like a cookie
yes whose donut mine’s kind of taste
second take one thread at least ah
alright our bull they’re buff Anibal oh
oh you made everyone taste the best
we’re gonna do this urban challenge Eric
I’m sorry man mmm back to the fray was
here as managers damn that’s got awful
don’t become choice water in there was
water in there he needs me sorry agreed
no I will support you
part 2 part 2 it’s the cinnamon change
I’m gonna die aren’t I yep enjoy give me
some No enjoy enjoy sinks right there
Eric nice last year
the loser penalty all right so I just
have to like yeah I didn’t just try to
eat and this may be the last time you
see me again
eric has been nice knowing you now
you’re forcing me to put chars are
thinking so much meant down the same
time see bran learn from the his parents
right are both armor cookie dough’s for
really good our cookies taste like shit
Eric you have to go you have to go boom
boom Eric I’m right
where’s that link to this did that bear
that was me
no it wasn’t I think it was me
no see I would have done if I lost to
make sure yeah I’m pretty sure baby with
you yeah yeah I don’t tell you this it’s
a truth just do any evidence yeah don’t
do it
all right what cooking challenge Eric
lost you’re the ultimate loser here yeah
I’m sorry thanks very much for watching
see you next time

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