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chocolate no bake cookies 😋 12/22/19

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Video Transcription

[Music]everybody’s doing good I’m fixin to makesome no bake cookies and I thought I’dbring you along with meso what I’m making is no baked chocolateoatmeal cookies and so I’m gonna pauseso I can put the camera down and we’regonna get started and I’ll show you whatI dohow’s that just give me a secondand I’ll I’ll move y’all down okay Ihope you can see okay first of all I’mmelting some butter just got my stovegoing here it calls for one stick ofbutter and I’m gonna let this melt justa little bit before I add the sugar itcalls for two cups of sugar and 1/2 acup of peanut butter 1/4 cup of cocoa ahalf a cup of milk 1 teaspoon of vanillaextract and 3 cups of uncooked oatmealand the oatmeal can be any brand thatyou like you can use your store brand Iusually buy great value so any of itwill work so I have measured out heretwo cups of sugar just regular sugarbecause I’m making these for our familymembers and asked me to make them so I’mputting that init calls for a fork a cup of cocoa putthat in and it’s a half a cup of milkput that in and now what I’m gonna do ismix this and let it cook until it’sbubbly let me get this all mixed up Ihope everybody’s having a good day todayit’s been a beautiful day here sun’sbeen shining it’s like supposed to be 50degrees again today which is awesome youknow it’s it’s weird to be this warm inDecember at Christmas butter sugar cocoanow what we’re gonna do is we’re goingto let this cook until it’s bubbly andonce it starts bubbling then we let itcook for one full minutes and then wetake it off of the heat and add ourother ingredientsright now that’s where we’re at we’rejust gonna let it start cooking so yeahmy my sister wanted chocolate oatmealcookiesthe no bake I mean yeah they’re no baseyou don’t have to put them in the ovenand then I wanted to make my Applebread so I’m doing two recipes today andI may have to do them in two differentvideos in order for you guys to see itor it’ll get really long so I’m gonnapause you guys until this startsbubbling and then I’ll come back andshow you what we’re gonna do then so asyou can see it I hope you can see anywayit’s starting to bubble so it’s startingto bubble and so I’m going to make sureit’s a good boil and it is it’s notgonna set my timer you guys for oneminute that way I know I’m letting itcook for a full minutecan you see the bubbling yeah but youwanted to be absolutely boil and youwant to keep stirring it because youdon’t want it to stick to the bottom andBuzz[Music]okay you guys I took it off for the heatturn the burner off so now it calls toadd the vanilla bat sodium and thepeanut butter so put the peanut butterhelp you can see okay I got the peanutbutter in now I’m just stirring it untilit the peanut butter dissolves let meturn this I turned the burner off and itcooled down so so I was able to put thisback over here so I could maybe give youguys a little better look so just got tomake sure your peanut butter is is offand you can use crunchy peanut butter oryou can use just regular peanut butterbut either one it’s really goodokay once you get your peanut butter andyour vanilla incorporated then you addyour three cups of this then you justmix that and once you get it mixedyou’re just gonna spoon it out on somewax paper to cool and once it cools itshould be ready to eatvery simple cookies not hard at allyou either love them or you hate themthat’s all I can say okay that lookslike we’ve got those mixed in reallygood so whoops okay I’m gonna put youguys on pause so I can put you in adifferent angle and then you can seewhat I’m doing next okay I hope you guyscan see this is what it looks likemelted I hope you guys can see it’s allmixed and cooked and then I just take acookie scoop you can use anything and Ijust scoop them out on the parchmentpaper and let them cool that’s all yougotta do and that’s that’s all there isto making these cookies I will pause thevideo and I’ll come back when theycooled down and show you the finishedproduct okay this is what they look likelet me pick up the camera here in showyou guys okay this is who finished Itook the back of a spoon and kind ofmash them down to make them kind offlatter see how pretty the Sun is todayit’s just shining through I went out inclean mud I cleaned all my windows herein the kitchen yesterday I went outsideto see if any of that was on the outsidebut it’s in between the windows it’slike condensation anyway these turnedout really good you can pick them upthey’re good mmmthese are my favorite when I was workingwhen I was working at Walmart I workedin the back roomin receiving and grocery and claimsthat’s where I was I worked claims forlike 16 probably 16 years where when youbrought stuff back it went to claims andI dealt with it well I went from thereand I worked for a little while in thebakery and thought you know a nicechange well I didn’t like being on thebat back roomso when grocery receiving opened up Iwent to work in grocery sieving andthere is this um there’s a story behindthis you guys I’m getting thereanyway I worked in grocery receiving andTom retired three years ago and there’sanother lady that works at Walmart thathas worked receiving the whole timeshe’s been there only she worked hardlines receiving and her and I we struckup a friendship because I worked withher son to helping her and uh every yearher birthdays yeah every year she has abirthday her birthday is December 11thand mines the 14th of December so everysingle year for probably most of thatshe would make me these cookies andbring them to work for me so I stilllove them and she knows it anyway youguys that’s it I’m going to eat just soI can talk without full mouth hang onthere goodokay my next recipe is going to be myApple bread and I’ll bring you guysalong on that too so I’m gonna get offof here and edit this a little bit andtry and get it uploaded so I can get theother one done and get it uploaded sogod bless each one of you have a greatday and before I end this video aYouTube friend of ours needs prayer fora brother so if y’all would remembermiss Linda Underwood’s brother in prayerhe’s not doing too good and I’dappreciate very much if y’all join meand praying for him and pray that hegets better and pray for the family sotwo for strength and yeah so I’m gonnago you guys hope you have a great day agreat week Merry Christmasand I’ll catch you in the next video byey’all you guys this is how I I displaythem usually I don’t have this I havesomething else under them but sincethese are going to my sisters I put themthis paper towel under them and I’mgoing to wrap them with shrink wrap keepthem fresh and these are really good youguys should try them I’m gonna try themlater on with my swerve or stevia orsomething and see how they turn outso I may bring you guys along when I dothat too anyway you guys have a good daycatch you later bye

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