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Chocolate Chip Cookie Making – Georgeness

Hello Georgeness Squad!

In this video I make cookies with my sister.

This was one of my homework tasks to write out a recipe and follow the instructions.

We are following the simple vintage chocolate chip cookie recipe available freely on the BBC Good Food website via this link:

They tasted yummy!

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Thanks for watching!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

what’s gonna be doing anything I wouldusually do channels cooking but we’recooking with Sophie so we just getstarted well shall we goOh shall we do a rock hey I’m the sugarman can you pour in Tippin tea bowlthat’s sugar the sugar you’ve justmeasured out that’s itand then back on the measuring scales sothat we can do the brown sugar Georgecan you measure out the brown sugar tothe same mark so slowly oopsthat’s no more you need to go it too youlook in on the scales look at the scalestiny bit more yeah right and pull thatinto your bowl a smiley face hmmokay next we need to whisk it like startmom – brilliant[Music]you used to wear YouTube from likeeither okay I’m just mixing the new tomake it all smooth now we need 25 turnthem 25 yeahnow we pour the plain whatever valuesystem a half a teaspoon yet mix it allin again let me to get the fork now -ORS you eaten you know one massive oneeven bigger than this one look we’rejust making the cookies[Music]making rules like that okay now withdouble ways to cook in the race I’mgonna taste them so let’s see how thisone choke mm-hmm these are mine so Imean in all of the ears offwhat Sophie’s a Magi have some big cookyet and by[Music]you

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