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Choco-Like Millet Flour Cookies Without Baking powder soda (Healthy Biscuits Indian Airfryer Recipe)

Millet biscuits are the latest craze in the world of food and this jaggery biscuits recipe. Well, they are packed with nutrients and rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Millet biscuits recipe with jaggery comes at the right time if you are looking for ways to include these ancient Indian grains in your diet. Millets add a powerful protein punch and make an excellent substitute to whole grains for those with gluten allergy.
This cookie is my contribution to my cookie baking tips for beginners without baking powder/soda.
1 cup= 235 ml
1/4 cup- little millet+2 tbsp more
2tbsp- peanut flour (optional/almond flour)
3 tbsp -jaggery
2 tbsp- solid ghee
1/4 cup+2tbsp Bajra or pearl millet flour
1 TSP milk
1 TSP cocoa powder
1/4 TSP organic vanilla powder or clove powder
1/2 TSP salt
1 tbsp dehydrated milk powder
If you seek a vegan millet cookies recipe, then you may substitute ghee with olive oil or coconut butter or even avocados. I believe even nut butter should work perfectly here.
Let’s see how I baked this healthy millet biscuits recipe.
Whip together fat and sweetener until creamy.
Sift foxtail millet flour and mix.
Add sesame seeds or almond flour or nothing at all. But I tend to pack my bakes with nutrition so I have include sesame seeds in the millet biscuits recipe with jaggery. After adding sesame seeds, you may still add choco chips to make millet chocolate chip cookies with jaggery for kids.
There are plenty of ways to make each cookie kid-friendly.
Add all healthy ingredients and then twist it with one ingredient that your kidoo loves.
Voila! They cannot say no to chocolaty stuff, hai na!? So you can easily make this healthy millet cookie recipe for your tiny tots.
Q. What millets can be used in this millet biscuits recipe with jaggery?
Well, I have used foxtail millet, which is also known as Kangu in Odia. You may use any millet that you have handy. These millet biscuits are melt-in-the-mouth and oh so so so yum for a millet lover. I love foxtail millet for its earthy taste though.

I frequently bake cookies with finger millet or ragi and jaggery. This millet bourbon biscuit recipe is an example.

Q. How can you make millet cookies without oven?

Well, you can bake the millet biscuits in cooker or kadahi. Follow the same process as shared in these jowar biscuits in kadahi recipe.

Q. I am looking for recipes of millet biscuit online. Can I bake all millet biscuits with jaggery and ghee?

Definitely. Millets make an excellent combination with ghee. But if you wish to make vegan millet cookies, you may try baking with coconut butter or oil.

Homemade coconut butter is delicious. Here’s the recipe.

Q. How can I make millet chocolate chip cookies?

Well, try to add more nutrition in your biscuits. Whether you are baking for elders or kids or just to satiate your sweet tooth, pack your cookies with nutrition. Remember, a cookie is a cookie – laden with fat and calories. So the objective should be to make these biscuits nutrient-dense that you can enjoy these guilt free.

Yes, you may add 1 tbsp of chocolate chips to make millet choco-chip biscuits.

Q. My cookies do not turn out crispy. What could be the reason?

Well, I suggest exploring the cookie baking basics for beginners to learn how to make jaggery cookies without baking powder/soda crispy and crunchy in air fryer, oven, otg, convection, or stovetop.

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