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Chewy Snickerdoodle Cookies| The Bomb Diggity Kind

❤️SUBSCRIBE Homemade Snickerdoodle cookies that bake up THICK AND CHEWY!!! Why are these so additive!!?!! This is my favorite recipe for Snickerdoodles. They stay chewy for days and always comes out perfect! The generous cinnamon-sugar coating is everything so really pack that stuff on there!

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Video Transcription

hey guys today on divas can cook we aremaking hands-down my favorite recipe forhomemade snickerdoodles yah thesecookies bake up so soft and thick andchewy they are so addictive you havebeen warnedlet’s go okay first step we’re going toadd some baking soda some salt and creamof tartar into our flour we’re gonnawhisk this around really good because wewant to make sure we get all thatleavening evenly distributed and thatlooks good we are done with our dryingredients let’s move along shall wedarling all right so we move on to ourwet ingredients I have some unsaltedbutter and some butter-flavoredshortening plop those two girls in thatbowl next we’re going to add in ourlight brown sugar and we’re gonna add ina little bit of this granulated sugarwe’re gonna mix it all up until it issuper creamy and that brown sugar oh mygoodness it was giving me a run for mymoneyit was refusing to break up buteventually I got it all nice and creamyand once you have everything all creamedout like this right here we’re gonna addin our eggs we’re gonna dump them intoour batter one at a time and make surethat you beat it between each egg andalso make sure that your eggs are toroom temperature okay that really reallyhelps out a lot alright so I’ve added myeggs and then we’re gonna mix it mix itmix it into the eggs are combined thatlooks perfectnow we’re gonna ring on our vanillaextract I’m gonna go with two teaspoonssometimes I go with this Abelson butusually two teaspoons does the job okayoh my throat is like so scratchy youguys please excuse me okay so I’m gonnamix in my vanilla and that’s how thebatter looks perfect okay now I’m justgonna mix in my dry ingredients with mywet ingredients and y’all let me tellyou something my arms were on fireyou’re like this is such a workout thisdough is basely I was getting hotsweating breathing hard but yeah I justkeep on working the dough eventually itwill you know all that flour will getmixed in you will have a nice soft doughI ended up needing it a little bit andthat kind of helped really work in thatflour but yeah we got it done thatshould go actually go okay so I’m gonnascoop out a little bit of this dough I’mgonna roll it because I like it to benice and smooth and then I’m gonna dipit into some cinnamon sugar and reallyreally really pick that thing oh noy’all okay because I hate it whensnickerdoodles have that little faintcinnamon sugar I’m like uh-uh no no nono no no no I really really make itbirthday honey put it down flip it andreverse it just get it on there justlike that perfect that looks perfectwonderful okay so they’re gonna bake it325 for about eight minutes and whenthey come out of the oven let them hangout on the pan for about two minutes andthen place them on a cooling rack tofinish cooling off and then you havethese cute little thick and chewysnickerdoodles with the perfect cinnamonsugar topping that you will not be ableto stop eating for real you guys are sogood and that’s it I hope you guysenjoyed this video don’t forget tosubscribe and check out my other videoslater

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