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Chef Pee Pee making cookies gets out of control.

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Video Transcription

hmm mashed potatoes more like mashedTomatoes back it’s not much of adifference the kids are the differencemashed potatoes mashed metal mashedpotato look the same me a little bit I’mpretty sure they can’t tell thedifferencestomachs growlingI’m tired of cooking for everybody elseit defines the food for myself you findsomething to eat I’m starving I needsomething to eat something I can cook inless than five minutes what Oh whatno not pears not green beans Bon AppetitBon Appetitthree cheese roll rot root rot rot rotbaby I need you okay Bowser what do youwant me to make you just tell me all Iwant is some succulent creamy you knowgolden brown fluffyum what’s another good word on succulentcookies that’s all I wantso good cookies like mommy used to makelike mom used to make yeslike mama used to make she never made meany cookies why do you make me there Iknow youI just made the cookies earlier the dois ask me then no he was going throughso much I’ll make the cookies chocolatechip cookies just like mama used to makewhat do you want on not the right time Ineed to make these cookies you can helpjust go get the pan from over there overthere[Applause]stupid just put the pen over there justgo and get a knife we have to open upthe package just go and get one knifeokay what have I donedon’t talk to me at all he’s all for youlike I open up and everything which sidedo I open laughter[Music]eeny Meeny I got it I got it just moveokayI just opened up the package of cookiesnow all I need you to do though is goand set the oven on 350 3x0okay that’s all you have to do I willget it ready in the pan and all you haveto do is set it to three five zero okayfinally done you said the way okay nowwe have to do is put the cookies in theoven by the time you did something righttoward I appreciate now can you putthese cookies in the oven that’s all youhave to do is put them in the oven canyou do that told are you better now goput them in the oven put in another[Music]okay told all I need you to do is sitand watch the cookies have to go andcheck on my eyes okayall you have to do is watch the cookiesokay[Applause]don’t get distracted so don’t getdistracted don’t get the strikeI’ll get distracted[Applause][Applause]do you know how much time I spentworking hard with you the whole timejust to make cookies you back can’tbelieve you please like yummy cookies mymom would make do they knowthose enough what is wrong with youthese cookies are absolutely disgustingI would never taste these in my life Ican’t believe you burnt them what areyou gonna do the big son what are yougonna do do something[Music][Applause]okay I use toes method of fixing thecookies I hope Bowser likes it I hope itjust doesn’t come soonwhere are my cookies um there are herelike a museum oh and just like mommy isfor me right and she was blind ah Ican’t believe youthere perfect you actually like themyeah I eat it with a fork[Music]

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