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Chef golden jello making cookies ‘n cream chocolate 🍫


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Video Transcription

what’s up you guys it’s your boy chefgonna juggle back with another videotoday we are making cookies and creamchocolate so what you’re going to needis a bowl a bowl or you can use a panit’s your choice it’s your choice it’s amove and you’re going to need a cup somechocolate white chocolate melts to meltthe chocolate put me some Oreosa plastic bag if you want you can addchuck chocolate cherry for flavoring alittle extra flavoring a spatulascissorsso now what’s your what I want to do istake this the microwave put it on halfpower 50% 30-second intervals let it sitover herewe’re gonna get to thisall right so now that we have our candymelt melted stir make sure remind yourviewers that it’s very hot I give it apour into the if you can’t pour it usethe big spatula for this part carefullyand you need to work fast because it’scooling down as you now you want tostart any cookies crumbsput a little bit more new about half ofit and mix that up real well all rightnow add a few more chocolate crumbcookie crumbs a little bit more thanthat use a half of what you got in thereokayand then when I’m finished during wewant to pop these bad boys into thisinto the mole are you gonna get it inthe mold maybe put a teaspoon just keepscoop out a spoonful and put it in yourmold and use your spatula they help youas you go and you gotta work quicklydon’t worry about trying to smooth itright now just get it in there and itwill tap it down would get it in thereand then I’ll go tap it down get a goodsized spoonful so you don’t have todouble dip let gravity work do it acouple more timesokay so we finished putting everythingback so weren’t going to let thesehardened and cool off and we’ll be backin about 30 minuteshey guys we’re back and these finishedcooling it took roughly 45 minutes to anhour but it varies depending on whetheryou are and the temperature in that areabut yeah I think these turned out reallywell and I like how they’re like inthese little square candies so I guesswe should try it now what’s really goodI like the crunchiness of the cookie andthe creaminess of the chocolate but yeahI think these actually are better thanstore-bought cookies and cream candybars so this is a little thing you cando with what you have like guests overor it you just want something like anice little treatit comes in a lot even you don’t have toput it in mold but we did this for theaesthetic but anyway I hope you guysenjoyed the video thanks for watchingI’ll see you on the next video bye

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