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Can I Make Christmas Cookies in a Toaster Oven? // Brian Libucki

This new installment of “Cooking in my Tiny A** Kitchen” features me asking the age old question: can one make Christmas cookies in a toaster oven? Let’s find out together!
Also, could someone please leave a comment explaining why that glitch-like thing keeps happening in my videos? I would love to solve the problem but it doesn’t exist until I export it.

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Video Transcription

as I had a garden once wisely said shesaid I don’t think there are manyproblems in this world that can’t besolved with a cookie[Music]back to my channel this is very brightit’s cuz I’m gonna be over there todayso I had this crazy idea a couple monthsago I was thinking about those nicelittle sugar cookies that were like youknow the pillsbury ones the one they’relike and I was thinking like oh I wish Ican make them in my apartment but Idon’t have an oven you know I do have atoaster oven now the idea is simple canI use the toaster oven to bake premiumcookies and not premium but like thedough is pre-made you know I’m curiousif I can feed my cravings from thecomfort of my own apartment withouthaving to go downstairs to the communalovens which is just the grossest thingever just the idea of it so today I amgoing to attempt to make cookies in mytoaster oven let’s get started wellhere’s the toaster oven I haven’t usedit yet it’s not the cleanest it’s alsonot new once again it is a hand-me-downjust like that as I hand me down forgrandparents they might be askingyourself Brian why do you just keepaccepting hand-me-downsparents because I’m weak this isliterally the box for their new one theygave me it in the box of their new onetoday we’re gonna try it we’re gonna tryit[Music]we’re leaving we’re leaving it I don’tcare if you kids to my counter spacewe’re leaving it this is the best it’sgonna get literally look at thisparchment paper and I literally couldn’tfind any like no it’s pretty personalthing it’s still a thing right you’reonly gonna find it I got the foil we’regonna hope it work that was satisfyingyou didn’t see that but I just made itup the trash can go use the little babeuses it a little heaven and he didn’tnow if you pop these little and then itholds the role in plays[Music]like that so easy I’ve been watchinglike a lot of cooking videos latelylike so many I’m gonna wrap this with to315 or 325 for nonstick cookie sheetwe’re not doing nonstick cookie sheetbecause it’s aluminum foil so 350 I gotthem being geared I wanted to get theChristmas tree but literally I’m noteven joking literally every box of theChristmas trees was open like never I’lljust like open and flopping about in thefreezer but with some respect 300 to 450like nothing in between we think likeright about there maybe a little bitmore no no that’s okay we’re going totry this stones not until the end ofthis video what I can confirm in theworks are off I thought thisand this beautiful campus I made lastyear that I have been using to fan mysmoke alarm because it’s going off butit’s not even because of cooking it wentoff once because of cooking and it wasabout this steam from my shower which isin that bathroom right there steps offmy firearm[Music]I was wondering before you like brunchthat’s a lot of cookies you might thinkyou don’t close yourself are you and noI won’t I’m gonna share them with mybuddies um unless they turn out that inwhich case I’ll just give them all myfriends so this is place them two inchesapart we’ll see how it goesI’ll take a big chance of todayso I placed six cookies on this sheet apretty evenly spread apart allow thisthat’s a nice-looking giftI think this is done preheating so let’sgo start out shopping this has to be for10 to 12 minutes of course this isuncharted territory well this isuncharted territory so I’m going to keepmy eye onten minutes I’m actually gonna do astopwatch cuz I want to know like howlong you been in there and idea I’ll beback so you’ve been going for about fiveminutes I haven’t really noticed adifference in the shape we’re gonna keepwaiting this tree turned out so much butI haven’t taken this hat off since Imade that video like oh oh well I did myhair so maybe I shouldn’t like deflatinga little bit which is good I can see Ican smell them getting browned and youcan kind of see it a little bit as wellthey’ve been in there for seven and ahalf minutes but they go outsideanticipate them take less time or moretime I don’t know is an experiment let’swait a minute or two okay so I was justlooking at them and I was like I thinkthey’re done and then the timerliterally went off as soon as I saidthat so I guess that was right we’ll seespecialist dirty this is actually veryI’m not dirt up in the dirty personhow are you mister now it’s clean theselook like they got some pretty goodcolor[Music]oh oh I think that might be perfect I’mnot gonna lieso this is what was left over we’ll justtake a little bit of color the littleminiature that got left over was fooddye I think that makes it more tender Idon’t know I think I’m gonna get a newsheet of aluminum foil it smells likeChristmas there 24 total which I believeis divisible by 6 it is absolutelyabsolutely it just needs off to do fourtrays 40 minutes of baking cookiesit’s the bigger commitment these babiesto myself it’s 210 again and I’m gonnastart at the watch put these away andthen try some of these so they’redefinitely cooked you can tell bottomsgot a little bit of browning and they’renot like super Solvers but they’re likesoft enough to the point where they’relike delicious this is the moment oftruth they remind you that I’ve beenthinking about this for like two monthsnowhell yeah oh my mom holy Wow it’s morethan so essentially I’ve confirmed ityou can make Pillsbury sugar cookies inyour toaster oven just make sure you setit to the correct temperature cook itfor the right time and don’t overcrowdthe pan and you should be goodWow under garden hill thank you forwatching you enjoyed this video give mea thumbs up and if you like me how couldyou not subscribe subscribemy we’ve almost fellow designer cartonsays you can be sad before you get acookie and you can be sad after you madeit with you you can’t be sad whileyou’re eatingI’m so freaking proud of myself I’ll seeyou next week[Music]you should be proud of me I haven’teaten them all yet

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