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Video Transcription

welcome back mean shots well delay kill
our cuz magadhan in am on another
roberta cookies me recipe return him a
dream and ingredients melted butter
Nutella the mla powdered sugar Erica / +
4 tbsp or purpose floral on my door and
a couple me I’m occurring in indica no
car a little ball would come and they’re
are they clear but Roy should come
melted a the bar another and it is Donna
makes a road car any dekapan desert Orca
little mix a burqa
I needed my datura Cora Horatio an
entire canon and an anonymous a young
we’re underwater on a t-shirt order a
lot mix a yeah
learn oh gosh Erica
about the culture duranium in the bowl
soccer and shape eeeh
and it’ll for crocheter estany prostate
overcome and ka puana later Gianna Donna
she appreciated una otra
well upon it’d come a liquor standard
chuka and it is our church a group of an
instrument a medium-high flame you lay
at the preheat am
indicate come and attend and Kay can you
try and pick another a good butt repair
brochacho elated or annoyed with chod
car who delivered short cardigan or
spices in a dilemma Indian Gianna
any pre ETM it’s a panel or on the tents
a little clear those come in Adair is
our chew it chew it is a lovely immunity
doing individuation I’m good on oka a
poet Avantika in your gender by Marcus
every day attendance

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