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Butter Chocolate Cookies/How to make Butter biscuit in Tamil/snacks Receipes

This is a very simple and awesome receipe


Maida flour – 2cups
Butter -150g(1 and half sticks)
Powdered sugar – 3/4cup
Salt -1/2tsp
Vanilla essence-1tsp
Eggs -2
Cocoa powder- 3tbsp

Try it out and let me know the results

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

Vanakkam and welcome to WJ be cooking in
each enema
but that chocolate cookies if deep under
than the pocket borough long a busier
than parkland chocolate cookies Tonia
say a foreign apricot jam exceda say
opponent in e curve area ball in Turkey
Rica TV on a parole trend the kappa mai
de in the capital are in the capital
or an OT amber the gram butter Namek at
a vapor dome sugar powdered sugar when
the room of Cal Kappa into a chicken ha
a pro Ren de Mouton Allah are the
charity conga cone Jun de who played at
the Congo rooty spoon as a couple of
vanilla essence or a teaspoon at the
conga at the cup red choco powder and
then imma cut a V and a low-protein m %
o’clock moon a tablespoon editor care if
oh and the parabola nah man editor chick
awareness 8 o’clock in the vendor when
the room temperature lurkin on Amaker
Abdullah naal approach night learning a
microwave lower 10 seconds watching now
normally I don’t room temperature
control at the capital editor in the
mother in Allah be upon you at Chicago
or five minutes all beat Poorna no
matter how the copper man I’m a pony
pony which Iruka shoe correctly reporter
Konoha chickaletta’s hit the grass at
the Caparo x 8 o’clock render motor in a
large chair torture camiseta Cara many
license Porou TSP SATA grass he did a
lot the add panic theory purify Manette
see then Allah be upon a no butter or
five minutes before nor the Capra in the
ingredients lad but need over 5 minutes
in a lobby pani coma a normal beat her
leg up and running electric beater which
she could open a coma in the stage
analytic nazar Co in the stage where
every kernel of beat paneer through
Kaneesha nama Marvis a tequila my Adama
will render couple torture Cola or do
you see it
idyllic a Londoner la paz a Peron
Marseille today later columbic lie on
the spoon lay a calendar Delica para
maana Malkovich a percentage long
or a local and Archie Panama Cohiba
channel up as Santa Clara he do meaning
in life and Amanda Paulo will attend neo
heat demand panel and an elite prep
essentially correct Arco kalevaram re
run the channel attack ila another day
become her you’re not out of it
everything is hinging now it Kayla or
now lapis and you chapati mother taken
Allah person to reach calmer and less
soft hours of our robbery canal of
language in Allah person jicama in the
Madera canal a passenger conga
lipoid lock on John mirela tonight an
EMP rituais chakra nor bowl of sugar
Ipoh in the Marvel Tonia and the mouth
Anya under in the Marvel anemic enjoy
cocoa powder say tequila chocolate
powder now and do remove a tablespoon
setter Kaily camp whatever but I don’t
impart the part about the conga in the
mod repast enjoyed chicawa chocolate
flavor in yon Depot I’m like a chocolate
flavored and the mama said IRI Archie
normal white mother are in trendy
Novotny editor Charla weep on the white
marveled at the neckline Marie or takuna
countertop lava channel of rotator the
cone just spread funny T at the cooler
now a chocolate Marvel root econ just
stuff vanilla chocolate mark on shondo
will have a Janani in the Madhuri Ella
close funny
guru Tina guru teat and aside Warangal
enema just panic you know I just find
neither when do you like a biscuit when
the hoola black Colorama
well in a white color of super our
window Marie your biscuit eater diaper
in phenotype and the white marvel today
in a madhuri black and then I’m a spring
memory spring roll marisota no white
have and Aquila watch conga adapter they
when they display in the black Mary in a
chocolate other colada when the spring
roll Mary Sue Tacoma so theta the war
angle nah I just funny not like the
pânico na na Mele 30:38 switch come over
and L 933 be three people 2:30 in the in
delicate touch Kunal it when the second
type of biscuit
did you already sign our own omeka but
normal chocolate Mark Loddon editor
chica normal white marble clad Oneida –
chica a pronoun Mirinda design a Panola
other and torture customer Angie dead
voucher care
Ganga and Jamuna tiny aperture to each
day Epona Angie you know more tequila
freecell over 15 minutes with chip it at
the clock if in a freezer love it’s 15
minutes were chaired the day we pour the
cut under the kombucha lockvar home Edom
and then I’m a spring roll Mary Sutton
Ola and the Marvin a cat panna cotta
burner the mod really Holika design
design our own liquor
analogous super rocket pan owaru 15 mins
freecell of ochita the kappa Rama cut
banana butter cut panel Uhuru a Latium
cut bunny baking trail animator to
achieve lon making trail to a chicken
neither when the spring roll marisota
nolan the designer pasta rocket panel
touch dance
the eponymous I can type my work at
Pawnee glam really Wendy nomicon do
different eye color the company claw
even they were check – a Pavarotti
Kohana gonzo and the white color mama
chocolate morale torture can be
demanding I’m a three-piece a socket
panic you know
first to Munna Munna panga can’t paneer
Doge coma a promo waiter or a chocolate
a Tamela I did the therapy mile
overweight in the Maravich coma in no no
when they render chocolate the cannula
or a way to achieve lon the chocolate
other and the Caprona Dolan or white and
at the Mallik chocolate in the Madrid
conga hippotherapy Devon do Munich add
like a freezer a lava cheered that I the
cut ponder the Carla how a break add
paneer adding s in the Madre moon had
occurred pineal anima Danny a literature
there in the pieces a minimalistic la
therapy the moon occurred panic la
before and Alana is alone under madrina
more Mattie Mattie Mattie melodic a
chick la la preening a sailor than an
assailant over a different biscuit a
lark on colourful Arco when Detective
are no ugly in red garnet it upon the
rack in the white pieces lonely at the
club a piranha mean they say don’t look
at Panola ad alone I’m a little chicken
on the Murray Virtua Chi it’ll be cut
banana man
not only and not a debate over a
Potemkin to fix Ajo and the first day in
the side white cut Panola other kamala
therapy in the Sator dynamic are another
chick toe at Murray is Alana Adela one
Marty Martin I’m a late entry and
Nutella literally élitaire twitch conga
in alle half-excited Omega
Madoff expand atomic at panic alarm
either when they check to shape an
American icon in the biscuit when this
our present remember crispy are Co super
our comb now sugar content when the
Kamiya the Sator camel egg sugar a
pedicure umbopa lacunae mean the one cup
of sugar say Tacoma powdered sugar and a
mocha cups a little iam one cup say
tapassin Ching now in the condo sugar
and a Larkin bikini park home called
England Alice after Bunga in The
Marriage Act is a blue runs a biscuit
Annika rachida given the one Angela
Brunel enamel on the light area motivo
Tanaka Ella the way a fix I don’t Malta
Revere canola in the biscuits a lot unum
a baking tray life are equivalent
kela parchment paper or the cordoning
addict long porno novice your lab
escaped an enema Carlota Aquila and I
love a co-op or Ananta either one then
I’m in no type of I got a chocolate
flavor on thick Spinola and the mother
at the unified panic riding the Mary
shapes character in the uniboob a
controller a tequila in the Mari mixer
chocolate cookies a lot you were baking
trailer Akita
youporn am a very chocolate flavor motto
another company nor a baking tray lever
chicken either when they were on
chocolate cookie dough super our
economic a cold English our own boutique
on Burma in the mud rica rico a lot in
fact panning in or baking trail in
america bachelor
pardon our garage to Epona mikealinda me
ready Erica now under heaven when the
375 degree Fahrenheit LaHood upon evil
chicken either learn hammer in d’être
Himachal on neither soda soda honor the
kapalama 15 minutes Nineveh Conger 15
minutes college editor in there he did
thin and long rhj had the copper money
inside herself on an upper than a lark
oh I read the community are departing
yeah preparing a novella late at which
time super I reckon I’m a lot of biscuit
radii did she mean Louie name re witless
ng partner Abdera Kinsella Comanche la
sala de la madre wattage apart ona Varma
super area attractive the cookies room
but a star go
Nene Mark Thomas NGO partner if dear
Prince early commence ELISA Luna by in a
next video lesson the Quran

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