yt 95174 buhayofw vlog3How to make mamol cookies  - #buhayofw #vlog3😍How to make mamol cookies 👏😋
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#buhayofw #vlog3😍How to make mamol cookies 👏😋

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Video Transcription

hi my dear you go falling upon cookiessit up your mind Reagan’s nationalvanilla butterana-lucia 200 grams left oh I see twocups no no no you gotta Winkle flour twocups in any happen flour so the padbillabong butter 20 grams and a senatoris 100 grams yeahtied to you know tomorrowIlana shampoo toe okay try come ago Ididn’t study mail powder if you did wantme mix-a-lotmany modern contain some anger then wemix gonna tell hot okay to talk ups anyHot Lotto steadily no me some disciplinea parasuperb the taste and sugar 2 tbsp thenhalf vanilla to say don’t know half thespoon vanillathe whole teaspoon baking powder okaythen I’m gonna mix it now tree so youngguys and I got gonna hot no myingredients that’s an explosion likeit’s an amalgam don’t Sunita[Applause][Music][Music][Applause]are you guys the solution so 30 days inArtesia still minutes long is take moneystand by mention of 15 minutesGo Go Go in me that was so young guysthat was kind of push on the feelingempowered it was something big likeanything jelly maker in on Kenosha whata medium I give minute now look at a Japamenity enter pieces took some time topiece yet even ago anyway[Music][Music]nice move by Oh Gina[Music]yeah helloyou chin acne more night in my fathershovel yep a major goes into each otherno heart[Music]sorry and guys it wasn’t for sure youknow a you sprinkle sugar powder in thepuffiness prodigy that I to me nothingme me me me them see ya bye[Music]

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