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Board Game Bakes: How to make Hanabi Champagne Cookies!

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Hello! Sorry for the delay this week…It just did not feel right to finish editing my video with family here on Christmas. This week we’re focusing on Hanabi which is a perfect game for New Year’s Eve since the goal of the game is to create the best fireworks display. The cookies and icing have champagne in them which makes them perfect to take to any New Year’s Eve party. Have a safe and happy New Year! Tune in next week on Thursday at 12pm EST for one more episode before I take a break.

To make the Champagne sugar cookies you need:
1 box vanilla cake mix
2 eggs
5 tbsp, unsalted butter (melted)
¼ sweet champagne

To make the champagne buttercream you need:
½ cup (1 stick) unsalted butter, softened
6 cups powdered sugar
¼ tsp salt
½ cup sweet champagne

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi everyone my name is Danielle andwelcome to another episode of wargameweeks this is a fun show remake for gamethemed pieces and opponents and editbefore we’re about to reach New Year’sEve Christmas is goneso next thing he had his New Year’s Idon’t know about you but sometimes it isthis boring to bring a bottle one so whynot bring a dessert that has wine in itor has alcohol in it is a game and it isa cookie seems like a win-win I went tome this week we are going to focus onthe game Punjabi and a not be you workwith your team in order to build thebest display of fireworks so you have ahandful of card instead everyone elsebesides you could see them and they giveyou clues to hopefully put your carddown threes time or discard a card thatyou don’t need and then you want to havethe highest amount of points to have thebest fireworks display we’re gonna makethis cookie as a champagne cookieso there’s actually champagne in thecookie and the buttercream I may nothave been able to drink the champagnebut everyone in my house is willing tooblige and have the extras so let’s getstarted in your champagne buttercreamcookies and their cards here we go tomake the champagne sugar cookies youneed one box and I’ll cake mix 2 eggs 5tablespoons of unsalted butter meltedand a quarter cup of sweet champagnethis is a nice and easy recipe so youactually get to mix all the ingredientstogether in a bowl until a loose doughforms to help us see together cover thebowl with plastic wrap and let show for30 minutes in the fridge once the doughis chilled place 1/2 1/2 tbsp balls on acookie sheet I only have a 1 tbsp cookiescoop so I use that don’t put them tooclose together because they definitelyexpand in the oven you can put them backin the fridge for our additionalchilling before you bake it if you wantthe cookies to spread less big at 350degrees Fahrenheit for 9 to 11 minutesor until the center so coat since it’smade out of a cake mix it has a similartexture and the topical actually likethe top of a cake let the cookies coolcompletely before frosting to make thechampagne buttercream you need 1/2 cupor 1 stick of unsalted butter softened 6cup powdered sugar 1/4 teaspoon of saltand 1/2 cup sweet champagne sorry bymixing the butter until smooth and thenadd in the remainder of the ingredientsI added my powdered sugar in separatebatches so I didn’t create a powderedsugar bomb it’s always ah but the airtastes sweet continue mixing it untilit’s light and fluffy I put a largeamount of icing in one bowl and smalleramounts into five separate bowls I meanthough big bowls icing a light blue Ithen made a yellow red green and royalblue icing and for the bowls unless onebull white put all but the light blueicing into piping bag so it’s easier towork with now it’s how decorate start byicing all the cookies won’t lay bluefrosting try be gentle because the icinglikes it takes on the cookie with itwhen you spread it there maybe with somecookie casualties but worst case youjust have to eat it do the variousfireworks i model the matter thefirework pattern found on the differentcolor cards[Music]I did the main firework design and thendid a border around the blue to help theedges with more crisp[Music][Music][Music][Music]they’ll look more like fire than otherssome may look like trees[Music][Music]I add white accents to the non-whitefirework cookies[Music]voila are her knobby champagne shootercomplete and if you look great but itõsaren’t as crisp in between royal icingbut I think buttercream a lot piece hereespecially if you got champagne to justsay thanks for watching another episodeof working big please like commentsubscribe below let me know if there’s agame to you like to see the feature inthe show and please tell all yourfriends about the channel hopefully wecould build even bigger army of Baker’sgoodness take all of our board games butwe play music else higher deliciouscookieI will there shanthi just enough to giveit different ease but I don’t get kindof pretty colors

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