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best cookies ever

how to make chocolate chip cookies

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Video Transcription

we are making chocolate chip cookies
let’s get started first thing we need to
do in step triple mix flour baking soda
salt baking powder and set aside
good thing I wanted to be gay Masons
now mixing it up make sure to don’t make
a mess okay put them mixed it up you
have to put in butter in there hoping
that when I open this one
and sugar together factors put in their
packed in there okay that was next crazy
Hannah look we gotta keep it again turn
number one
number two
we never knew I had
the vanilla
how many
in case was the pan out
I always thought that too much
what do sports yeah yeah still work but
but he went to Vietnam and inch board
but instead died right there fell down
I think that’s ready
or next
for today’s Danielle
when they pitch do this Scottie
yeah it looks like Ryan and Pete aah
Hyundai 9p not wimpy
that’s breathing
the power it
in our hands
and don’t okay
I’m sure movies
remove chapter
like this sugar like hooker sugar like a
booger yes sir it’s peppermint chocolate
chips in no yeah you know the chocolate
chips okay ready
and cook and cookies yeah and you gotta
eat your fingers
I think that’s done
I think it’s all that I got right here
he’ll it kept got my head that’s a good
in my freezer
that freezer if cookie and crazies it
Cupido your coochie coo some cookies
let’s go there you chop something
hey Keith or would it be a big one hey
Emma good night no that’s gonna be die
Norma’s you want a stick
baby squirt keep when I go down it’s my
tiny tan sorry Arthur
no Bert that’s it Bert
I did not work

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