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Bella & Austin make cake cookies

So Bella & Austin make cake cookies, we didn’t get to finish th video unfortunately my camera shut off 🙁 sorry guys. Kid friendly video just a momma bad her babies goofing around.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]okay they already put the eggs and cakemix in the oil in it now we’re gonna dothe chocolate chips Sarah there’s awhisk why don’t you go over there getthe whisk it’ll be easier but they’re inthe utility that’s fine we can use no wecan use what beverages and Austin whydon’t you get some oil and take it andspread it on the pans a little bit yupthere we go we got some spray spray thepan top that way there to be ready forthe cookies yep the whole entire pan yepall of it[Music][Music][Music]

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