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Beginner royal icing cookie decorating for Easter with full English explanation

In this video, I explain in detail l how to decorate Easter-themed cookies with royal icing. Here are some amazon links to purchase the tools & supplies I used, these purchases help support my YouTube channel.

Cookie cutters (this is the link to the exact cutters the price I saw was very high, you’ll find better deals for sure)

Edible markers (not all markers are the same, these are great to write on the cookie to get your guidelines but the line can be a little fat for finishing details on icing such as a smile)

Black pearls (this product is not all the same many tend to bleed into your icing, look for PME brand you’ll pay a little more but they won’t ruin your cookies with blotching around the pearls)

White non-pareil sprinkles (these come in many different colors)

Yellow sanding sugar sprinkles:

Bead tray (to collect sprinkles & facilitate pouring back in the bottle)

Booboo stick

Tipless piping bags (these bags are NOT good for stiff icing)

Food gel:


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Video Transcription

hello welcome Marlin here I don’t knowif you guys recall this video I postedfor Valentine’s Day where I gave you avirtual kick in the butt to stopwatching me and to get decorating manyof you did it I am so excited I was sohappy to see so many of you just neededthat little extra push so today I’mgiving the rest of you another pushtoday we’re making Easter cookies andyou’re gonna do it stop sitting andworrying about how maybe you might notbe good at something you don’t have tobe amazing to have fun so today you’regonna do it you can decorate cookieswith some pretty basic supplies but I’mgoing to give you the whole kit andcaboodle that I use today so first ofall we need cookie cutters we need toshape these cookies and I got this thecenter set they’re by Wilton I got itactually at winners which is in the USTJ Maxx Marshalls I think I paid it liketwo bucks and then an Easter Egg thatalways comes in handy for Easter andthen royal icing that’s so intimidatingfor so many people just get a mix justget a royal icing mix and stop worryingabout getting your ingredients right youjust add water to it food color you neednice bright colors I really love theAmerica our electric color kit forEaster you can kind of vary theintensity make it more pastel or reallybright whatever you like for the eyes Ilove black pearls I find the fourmillimeter is best next for the littlelamb I added some white no pate and nopate is not a sprinkle it’s more like alittle round spear whereas sprinkles aremore like rice signing sugar is yourfriend if you’re a beginner and youdon’t get your lines perfect sandingsugar will make everything lookbeautiful so get yourself some sandingsugar to things that you can get at thebulk store really cheap and then the tiplist bags what’s great about the tiplessbags is you don’t need couplers or tipsyou just need to carefully cut the tipso that it doesn’t have a super bigopening and if you do screw that up willyou just slip the screwed up piping baginto a new one and cut the whole again amarker is your friend when you’regener markers do come in handy to kindof guide you where you should pipe nextthat little yellow stick that’s actuallycalled a boo-boo stick if you make amistake there’s like a little kind ofscraping part where you can scrape offthe icing and then if you don’t havethat just use a toothpick that’ll workjust fine so these are some basic thingsthat you can kind of purchase to youknow make the full experience but youcan do it more basic and the royal icingmix if you have leftover icing you canjust put that in the freezer royal icingfreezes really well you just take it outin the morning you want to use it Irecently asked on my Instagram whatpeople find tough about cookiedecorating and time and time againconsistency came up you’re gonna watch athousand videos but you just need tomake some icing and get your hands on itto figure that out and it’s practicednow you can see this is very thick veryvery thick now a couple of mistakes youdon’t want to do you don’t want to justdump a bunch of water in there once thewater is in there well you can’t get itout all you can do is add some stifficing if you cross the line and make ittoo runny so you have to add your watera little bit at a timeit is labor-intensive and annoying andall that but it is what it isand so you add a little bit of water ata time some people use a spray bottleactually and you just mix it in and whatyou’re looking for is like theconsistency of honey if you were to havehoney and you were to pour it into let’ssay a dish well you would see that itwould level gravity would be able topull it flat this consistency is alittle bit thick I find still so I’mgoing to add just a little little bit ofwater thereand you’re better to go a few drops at atime and mix then cross the line andhave it be too runny now what happens ifyou do get it too runny well you’regoing to need an outline or your icingis gonna fall off the cookies so that’snumber one number two a runny icing doesnot keep like a thickness on the cookieyou’re gonna end up when it dries like avarnish level on the cookie you’re notgonna have like an elevated layer oficing now when you look at icing stuffand videos they talk about seconds wellyou start counting when you stop mixingyou start counting and the time it takesfor it to level that’s what theseseconds are about so usually they talk20 seconds is the ideal another thingthat you can do is you just shake youricing that’ll make it level this isstill on the thick side especially ifyou’re a beginner you want the icing toheal at least in your bowl and thenyou’ll see I can kind of see now I’mgonna stop mixing and we’re going tojust watch it you see it being pulleddown gravity is sucking it to the to thebottom of the bowl and you can see thethe lines are all fading away so that’spretty good there now I can add Michaelsome colors you have to add a lot offood color yellow is one of them thatyou don’t have to add that that muchthis is egg yolk yellow I’m using yellowsanding sugar so you don’t have to takeit that darkthis is actually probably enoughespecially since I’m adding the yellowsanding sugar and there it is and yousee it heals very nicemy least favorite shape for Easter is achick cookie but it came with the set soI’m decorating it this random area atthe bottom not sure what that’s aboutbut they have it decorated like grass sothat’s what I’m going to do I’ve got atipless bag and I’m just pushing frombehind till it gets like to the areauntil it gets to the edge of the cookieand then where I want the body to kindof start then I just fill that in andthat’s it and then you can use atoothpick to kind of just poke arounduntil the icing smooths over and we’regoing to let that drybut first let’s add the beak those arethe two elements that need to dry beforewe can put this cookie in sanding sugarand the beak here I’m just doing atriangle this way and then round thisway and then you can fill that in besure not to put green icing in yourorange icing here’s my cookie in mybetray this helps me put the signingsugar back in the bottle and I’m justoutlining and then I’m gonna flood inthis same icing the signing sugar isreally helpful if you’re a beginner tohide any imperfections you can justquickly run through the surface thereyou don’t want to add too much icing orit’ll fall right off the cookie and nowI can sprinkle all this on my surfacelike that and in the wet icing I’m goingto push in thehere and there here my little chipcookies they’re pretty much done I’mjust going to add a little detail to theside there just to give it like the lookof a wing I’m just doing a swirly linejust like that that’s it if you’re abeginner I recommend you get yourselfsome food color markers they just helpyou to kind of guide you where youshould put your lines and stuff and it’sjust helpful when you’re a beginner tokind of know well I have to fill thisarea in so I’m just marking it off theseare my legs for the sheep here the lamband then the face like my lamb and I’musing some taupe icing just moreinteresting than just gray or black andI’m just filling in the face area Imarked off with my edible markers whichI highly recommend getting if you’re abeginner they’re just a great way tohelp you know where you should be pipingand once you have your icing filled youcan kind of just poke it around untilyou get all the ripples out and in thewet icing I’m dropping in a pearl forthe eye and you’re better to do it whilethe icing is wet you see when I push itcreates like a dome looks like a realeye if you add the eye after it sitsoutside of the head looks very weirdthese areas have had time to dry I’mcoming in and adding a bit over thepieces and it’s just a wonky edge allaround again by the face wonky edge andthen we’re filling this in don’toverfill or it’ll spill over like thatand we can coat this in these not pave Ifind the notepad a are nicer than thewhite sprinkles that are like the shapeof rice find these work a little bitbetterI had a purple one in there let’s pushit in and it’ll get hidden and there itis gives the look of the wool the lambthought is missing a little somethingI’m just adding a little ear here kindof coming out from the fur it’s kind oflike an egg shape actually right thereso if you want you can draw on like alittle bit of a mouse but I thinkthey’re fine just like that if you wantwith an edible marker you can come in atthe end of the feet here and just addsome black to look like hooves I don’tfind that doing this in icing will lookbetter I kind of like it actually withthe marker the bunny and now here yearsflopped over andthat’s it I don’t spy don’t know hereI’m going to just add a line right herefor the nose let’s repeat on our cookieshere our guidelines like that what am Idoing here I just want to have a bit ofpink here I’m just filling in my areashere that need to be pinkand you can come in and shape whateverwith your toothpick just get your icingto where you want it to be my icing isvery runny we’ll see how it reacts nowI’m just working on the bunny here firstthing I’m just working on this ear so wejust have to kind of outline the pinkbut we’re not doing the ear on the endsince I want that to look like it’sfolded so I’m going to do that separatenow I’m going to do the the head herethis is kind of like a wonky shapedbunny head but it’s fun it’s not youknow the usual I actually like this verymuch and because I did the pink nosebefore I can come in now and add theicing around it and it won’t be so bigit’ll look a little bit more like abunny nose bunny nose it doesn’t have alot of like it’s not showing it’s kindof in the fur it’s not like a cat nose alot less fleshy there let’s just pressthat over to the pink line here let’sgive it a little shake and now the restof the earand in the wet icing I’m dropping in theblack pearls like the lamb and thelittle chick they’ll all have kind ofsimilar I and now you see I’m just doingthat little section so that it lookslike the ears flopped over almost haveno white icing but that’s why I like thetipless bags you can really like squeezeall the way to the end and usually youcan get by so I’m just adding that overthe edge and then filling in this littlesection here just like that and heal itup shape it and the cookie is almostdone I’m gonna add some whiskers oncethe cookie has had time to dry now inthe taupe that I used for the lamb I’musing that for the whiskers I find thatblack is really harsh I’m just doing astraight line across like that and thena shorter one at the top and a shorterone at the bottom kind of angled out andthey’re the little bunny is donelet’s let’s talk colors are there anywrong colors wellfor Easter for me anyway here in Canadaspring is a rebirth you know the snowmelts and everything kind of comes aliveand it’s bright and soft at the sametime and for me red and black or justcolors that I try to stay away from forthis particular holiday the color wheelis a good guy to know what goes withwhat and what is the color wheel wellprimary colors are yellow blue and redand those colors together create othercolors which are the secondary colors soblue and red would create purple in thiscase blue in pink and then blue andyellow create green and then if you wereto put red and yellow together you’d getorange and orange is also a color thatI’m not super into on my Easter cookiesI do like for a carrot perhaps but asidefrom that I’m not crazy about it and Ilike white for an accent color and sowe’re going to use these to decoratesome Easter eggs now I’m working on myEaster Egg there’s really no right orwrong to this you can put your pipingbags together to see you know what goeswell together what colors you liketogether andyou see here you can kind of gauge howit’s going to look and then here I’mjust flooding the center here with somepurpleand you just quickly flood this herethis area[Music]and I’m gonna do the top in yellowI’m going to add a yellow line in thepurple there and you can see the icingis healing really well healing means thesurface is getting smooth all on its ownI’m adding this pink line and now I’madding pink to the bottom of the cookieand I’m just gonna use my needle here tokind of shake the icing let’s justsmooth the whole bottom over now I’mgoing to wipe my needle and I’m justdoing a circular motion right here oh Iforgot to add my purple in the yellow sothere you see I’m left with like fourstripes and I’m just doing a circularmotion there and I’m doing the samething down hereand that creates a really nice kind ofseparation between the colors now herefor this one I just want to try I’mgoing to do like this and I’m gonna dothe same thing up here so there the eggis gonna look like that my blue is onthe stiff side it’s going to make mylife a bit complicated but I’m going touse it so I’m just following these linesyeah and we’re just going to flood allthis over like I say my icing is on thefixed side it will make my life a bitcomplicated I was working on anotherproject and I didn’t change theconsistency but if I shake it I shouldbe okay you have to be careful whenyou’re using thick icing with thesetipless bags when you squeeze you couldactually cause the whole thing toruptureright here okay now I’m shaking it toget it to smooth it’s doing it prettygood let’s do another little shake nowI’m adding the pink to the top herewe’ll fill this in thereand for the bottom I don’t want to usegreen I’m going to use the purple againoutline the bottom let’s flood this upand now I’m grabbing my white icing abiggish holeI want my line to be fat and right hereI’m just following those lines that Ididno max itthat’s kind of a different look this onehere I’m not a big fan of how it turnedout I’m just going to run some whitelines on it and see if that’s going toimprove my situation I think I youwhoopsI think I like it bettertherelet’s get this offyeah the white line did help it and hereare the completed cookies there is nomystery the only thing that’s needed forbeautiful cookies is practice we tellour kids to do their homework and topractice their piano and to go dowhatever practice they’re dancing wellit’s the same thing for us when we wantto get better at something we justsimply have to do it and so I highlyrecommend that you watch my ValentinesDay cookie because I show some differentkind of marbling techniques and polkadots which also would work great on anEaster Egg I hope you enjoyed the videoI hope you do it give it a try you’lllove it thanks so much for watching besure to subscribe so you don’t miss anyfuture uploads and I’ll see you nexttime

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