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#balamruthambuttercookies#అంగన్వాడీ బాలామృతం తో బట్టర్ కుకీస్/బిస్కెట్స్#balamrutham recipes

#balamruthambuttercookies#balamrutham biscuits #అంగన్వాడీ బాలామృతం తో బట్టర్ కుకీస్/బిస్కెట్స్#balamrutham recipes
Hello everyone!!
In this video I showed u how u can make Balamrutham Butter Cookies with Balamrutham given by government in anganvadi centers. Very easily u can prepare it. I already uploaded more recipies on balamrutam i.e., Balamrutham Biscuits, Balamrutham Cake, Balamrutham Carrot Idli, Balamrutham Gavvalu, Balamrutham Teepuntalu, Balamrutham Pancakes and Balamrutham Peda u can check it out in my channel or the link is given below.
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1 cup Balamrutham powder
1/3rd cup Wheat flour
1/3rd cup sugar.
1/3rd cup Butter.
1/4rth tspn Vanilla extract.
1 tblspn Desiccated coconut.
Milk to adjust.
Thank u so much.
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Video Transcription

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