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Baking Gingerbread Cookies with Neena & Brenavi

Hello everyone! Welcome to Improv Cooking. On this channel, I will be experimenting with all types of cooking and more. This is my first video, and I am baking along side with my cousin, Brenavi. I hope you enjoy this video and maybe even try this recipe during the holiday season❤️

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Happy Holidays!

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1 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon ground cloves
4 cups (20 ounces) all-purpose flour
2 teaspoons baking soda
1 teaspoon ground ginger
1 1/2 cups (12 ounces, 3 sticks) butter, softened
1 1/2 cups (11.25 ounces) granulated sugar
2 large eggs
1/2 cup molasses
Sugar for rolling

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Video Transcription

[Music]so okay we’re gonna be makinggingerbread cookies today and you knowalright everyone this is four cups ofall-purpose flour that’s full we have tobrown eggs with a little touch ofvanilla in here and we’ve also got ourspices mainly of course ground gingerwe got the close the cinnamon it’simportant we got the salt and bakingsoda yes and then what you see here infront of you is molasses butter andsugar we will of course give thedescription of all the ingredients belowjust check that out yes so let’s thankit started let’s just get going okay solet me put the spice in the flour rightthat’s all we go so you wanna go yeahsure honey whisk up the eggs and thenjust give it a should we stir itokay so all these wheels drawing babiesand now people you know what the hardestpart is hmm the butter and the eggs thatis actually sugar we sure it’s a littlebutter and the sugar go together yes andmake a nice fluffywhat did readysure we can call it a taste all rightlet’s cream this togetherI really wish we had something have alittle workout all right people we didbut as you can see it’s still monkey sowe’re back we’ve creamed our butter I’mnot sure if you can see we’re wall it’sreally creamywe’ve also preheated oven to 365 cheerat night so let’s just get into itand what we’re gonna do is taste ourmolasses and egg mixture we’re justgoing to incorporate this also into thebutter so we’re just gonna use theportersburgh it’s just in here peopletell you don’t keep on stirring in oneway you could electric mixer but this is[Music]look at that and running what I wouldlike you can t work all right do youwant I needed people those muscles Ohonly guys can smell this in the futurepeople please oh my god this is goodactuallyyep you wanna switch please now okaylet’s go thank you but I’m aright-handed person and it hurts solet’s switch thank you sometimes you canmake it much like me and flourit’s fine if I see something I think weshould afterwards we should roll it upright yeah that’s why we got our rollingthing right herekisses see we really are doing it fromscratch that’s the thing you don’t meanno electric mixtures or anythingswitcheroois its picture it is really tough okayI’m not even like exaggerating it now ifyou understand why I have this great forsteel chair sniffing huh time to thinkright what up guys it looks really goodfor real if only you guys could smellthistell me when you want me to put boringpeople clearly you can tell I’ve donethis before right yeah you can see thatI hey everybody need to start somewheretonight[Music]yes you know yeah family church andbaking is not a problemwhat’s your unique[Music][Music]gets fired found it found it on it orswitch up switch oh so I just put it inyeah well if you’re hearing anything inthe background other than us talkingjust remember that’s my son and hisgrandmother yes see you thing grannyyou’re very excited for cookies – ohyeah that’s why you still awake not atthis late night I’m sorry this hasmolasses in it my plants I need that kidto go to bed select insulin that’s funnylike well that just kind of tastes likeMarmite yeahreally breakfast spread or somethingI’ve had it before I will say simply sayI would probably not have it ever againuntil I go to Australia yeah it’s likebuying maple syrup in other countriesand they’re coming to Canada and gettingthe original yes you want to switch uphere just do a little work but I’mfinding it easier with the forkoh this is the consistency we wantedhere so we’re just keep burstered yeahkeep on stirring here we’re fine herelet’s switch it up yeah you know whenpeople we’re gonna head on over to therolling pin put this why don’t we puteverything away Randy yeah and we forgotto mention we did reach our cooking panwe lined it with some parchment paperyeah and we did with butterbecause it won’t hurt us during theChristmas time yeah that’s just myopinionyeah even though I so stop so people ifyou’re diabeticplease don’t eat this yes this has areal orange sugar and molasses is whywe’re not giving this to Marlene eggsare away at you so and it’s late nightit’s just my view some people might giveit to them yeah okay that’s up to youguys your views exact you’re cookinglike you can switch it up add otherthings in here too but we’re trying tokeep it original the only thing we addedwas the vanilla right yes all rightlet’s take a break yeah no whip yes okayremember we’ll come back what the cookiecutter is everything readyall right as with everything people I’mso sorry it was my fault I forgot topress the record button before westarted making carnival mistakes happenthank you so all we did was take thedough and roll it up into little ballswrong side swaps and we put them in alittle bit of sugar now we’re just goingto put them in a preheated oven that’sRonnie had mentioned 375 degreesFahrenheit for 8 to 10 minutes if youwant them soft or a little bit longer ifyou have to have a big crunch here yesall rightso you wanna do the honors yes so yourslet’s do thisall right guys thank you for watching wewill show you the end results thank youwe’ll be back yesalright guys so this is the finishedproduct the cookies look very chewy thisis how we like it so we just wet it likeso make the bowl a little thicker andthen it came out it’s a little bit warmso we’re gonna okay so we have a successhere people upset so I’m justtransferring it onto a cooling wire andof course have any other cookies thesewould make great yeah when we work hereyeah priests and everything yeah and Iwould definitely give it to somebody wholikes really good thank you for thevideo was really good keep running ontono way there’s no harm there so we’regonna move on to the next but we willsee you all soon again yeah thank youfor watching thank you everybodyhave a Merry Merry Christmashappy new year signing off from Brent atthe end[Music]item we have to a twist with a tiny bitof vanilla for extra added flavor wealso have a couple of items importantone to a big don’t mind that sir

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