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Baking Cookies without a Recipe!! (Fail)

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This week we tried to bake cookie without a recipe. It was pretty difficult. I hope you enjoy watch us fail. Also sorry if you actually know how to bake because….well you’ll see.
We love you beautiful fries. Remember that potato’s can always turn into fries. 💖💖🍟

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Video Transcription

I went wrong today why do I feel like a
lame duck it’s a new week which means
new video we’re gonna try to be more
consistent get our best shot so in
today’s video today we’re going to be
doing is that we’re each gonna try to
remember the cookie recipe from our
memory no recipe we’re gonna bake it up
see you as the best cookies to feel that
yeah so we’ll see you guys in a sec but
first up Lauren
oh I realize you can’t see what’s an
white sugar brown sugar
don’t lean into the map right oh okay
sugar I add two teaspoons of salt
instead of sugar no salt to use you know
I love imitations like what the heck
just happened
all right so just gonna roll in this
horrible and I realized it has a
horrible tasteless there bunch of butter
in it tensley
that’s my goal
I really don’t know if this water into
just wins in cake is this flower all
right Sarah I really do not know how to
go so the term oatmeal make sure right
now now she’s getting oil but I decide
to go for it anyways I can’t get a big
chunk with this flimsy thing okay all
right yeah we’ll leave sorry – that
smells really bad
so now I’m really though they look
better feel my cookies mom Hanna’s phone
in the search history it literally shows
up today she looked up five things about
cookie recipes five different things
no click on it don’t be showing that
keeps the gasping bars okay if you press
it it should come up with images of
cookies okay
now if it comes with the first thing
that pops up you click on the add and
harlech it up hand is exposed and
disqualified now just to make subtopics
narcos give me a pie Hannah’s starting
making her
peanut butter cookies tell us about your
strategy Etta okay
great strategy
there’s Nixon Oh guys do something cool
about my cookies
they’re wrong
well it looks like pumpkiny cuz it
alerts like the color taste it guys I
think of a bike all the cookies cuz I’m
singing it it’s called the cupboard it’s
beautiful and so good do five minutes
from straight alright we’re going to
start with five minutes and then see how
it goes yeah five minutes done they’re
all huge though mine art music but
neither have fine flattened out so kinda
I’d be good
a little scared not gonna lie I’m pretty
sure I should have put more flour but I
kept being like it’s good so that’s
something but he said good about it yeah
little scared
um you know what I feel great feel
confident things are gonna go in the
right direction and if not I’ll give
them to my friends to eat my cookies
kind of look like a rock and then I kind
of threw it on the pan cuz I was like
haha it’s a rock and it was actually
kind of solid so a little nervous
also they’re baking and we’re flattening
out also kind of nervous the batter does
taste great but I kind of just like put
it on the thing so we’ll see how it goes
so Lauren decided to take out her cookie
is here’s why kind of burnt kind of
black like they’re almost as rock like
his mind mind has weren’t cooked enough
question mark
not sure about mine here’s Hannah’s and
Sarah’s cookies it right now I’m just
gonna wow you only it’s bird but no done
if you looking sickly hardened Minds
like was not cooked so over time finding
them and then I think it’s a mistake
so return line so think about mine
they’re burnt so I put some symmetry on
top not the labor at the bridge this is
good Oh rude I don’t that doesn’t seem
like much sniff your dog looks with
cinnamon and sugar but it’s like really
toasted doesn’t really taste burnt
though this is gonna be horrible but my
cookies are nice okay
I put a little have you like a job they
look exactly the same as he did when
they went into the oven and they’re all
stuck to the pan yeah it’s like hard but
I think it’s mushy on the inside the
triplet tips are definitely cooked I
guess good luck to all of us I only put
a tablespoon of butter in
I know it’s hard and drawing and then it
tastes like the straight-up powder but
you’ve literally tastes just like flour
and like baking soda nothing else
right like honestly it could be better
the kind of tasted bad shortbread
so now we’re going to vote on who’s we
think is the best I have an ultimate
judge because my daddy was obviously the
worst my vote goes singing out of this
pan burger yeah but our SAT City good I
just was missing something for sure I
think I like Hannah’s because like
hospital aver and it’s not burned like
well why isn’t even my fault it’s like
good but it’s just like burning hers is
like the butter it’s a little sweeter to
for the regular part of the
video as I said should we show Ashley
she’s out and then my got burnt when
you’re doing that mind I just didn’t I
just like the beer taste yeah thank you
so much for watching the video if they
heat you all know I’m gonna leave a like
leave a like subscribe down below and
also through this video we have a card
for that now please watch our previous
videos and like them all comment we want
to talk to you so tell us how your day’s
going anything on this video comment
what’s your favorite cookies that’s your
favorite knowledge there is good
this is it on that

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