yt 116504 BAKING COOKIES WITH MY MOM quarantined - BAKING COOKIES WITH MY MOM *quarantined*
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my mom is a baker but the only thing i know how to make is chocolate chip cookies… please enjoy

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Video Transcription

not ready to go on camera that’s fordarn sure hi I already put the butter inand reheated she’s made sure to try thedry mix just to make sure it was good ohyay why don’t you glue my measurementsbecause I had to melt butter and so Iput it in the microwave for a minute andthen half of it exploded over so if yousaw something that looks like baby mucusin the microwave that was my butterthese are the one so you know you triedto make prior to these stop use me thatis a malewell I need salt do you think he wasalready salted though stuff home schoolJoey do you do you think I think it’salready salted into thing no that’s mybaby culprit no but you and I bothtasted it it’s gonna taste like a realchocolate chip cookie like a homemadeone can I turn the new look no is itI can make vanilla vanilla beans andvodka I still want to try itI think I think the brown chickens aresaltier than the white chickens becauseit wasn’t salty no wait I used the whiteeggs or the brown eggs I almost broke ityeah how do you know because you forbringing this closer to my bowl so youguys can know all right you can go nowunless you want to stir it you can startthere yeah what do you mean is this theright oneis this the right ones a bunch of usthere are different sizes what thebiggest one no I’m not fit cookies nothey have to be able to bake eve andthese aren’t designed to be made toohuge oh that was thick look how thick itis that’s good hey you said my head isthickwhat’s so mean now I’m gonna get headsurgery then double it up minis we’renothingI’m not even those can I make one jumbocookie and thenyou’re spitting out I thought it wasscrumptiousit is scrumptious I just decided to notget seven that laughs oh my god I justgot a whiff no oh you’re really gonnacriticize me yes look at look at theselook how small they areshe’s they’re awesome this everybodylikes minis they look like they’re gonnaend up like Chips Ahoy let’s check onthe cookies I don’t care I’ll tell youanother onelet’s see they’re all done these are themini ones thanks for watching forwatching

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