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In today’s video, I wanted to bake cookies for my crush. I hope you guys enjoy this video. Don’t forget to LIKE, COMMENT, & SUBSCRIBE.

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Video Transcription

[Music][Music]welcome back to my channel my name isGiselle and this is my channel and todayI’m going to be doing a special type ofvideo so as you can see I got my apronwe’re in the kitchen we’re in a wholedifferent area than where I usually filmand today I’m going to be making cookiesfor my crush for Valentine’s Day soright now you’re watching it it’sprobably gonna be like Tuesday but I’mgonna actually make them todayand then I’m gonna give it to my crushearly so yeah so let’s just get rightinto the video so I have my instructionsright here and I’ve got all myingredients right here and I broughtalmost all this stuff from Target it wasvery like inexpensive and usually I’mnot really good at baking things I’m notreally good at being in the kitchen cookI just moved I just looked really goodin a apron so we’re just going to seehow this goes so I already pre preheatedthe oven to 375 degrees I’ve alreadylined my pan with parchment paper thatwe saw so if you want to do this bethere crush I love it with this paperright here and so we’re gonna be makingthese cookies from scratch I’m going tobe giving you Kylie Jenner vibe it’swhen she did her Christmas video so yeahso if you see me looking down you knowI’m looking at distressing okay so ourdegree heat the oven ourmy paper so another Bowlokay so it says in a separate bowl mixflour baking soda salt baking powder andset it asideokay I’m making a ball okay guys so thefirst thing we need to do is add 3 cupsof carbsokay okay and then we need to add 1tablespoon of baking soda so this spoonof baking soda and then it says 1/2 atablespoon of baking powder bakingpowder baking here’s the baking powderso then it’s with you I have a tasteteaspoon of thisokay so here we go in there one teaspoonof sea saltfinally here’s one tablespoon of seasalt and then we’re going to mix thistogetherokay now it says to set this aside nowwe’re going to take one cup ofgranulated sugar[Music]of light brown sugar[Music]after that it says beat eggs and vanillauntil fluffy I’m gonna have to do somany dishes oh my god okaythis is quite a good[Music]like when I take my pressure better lovethese freaking things you’ve gotta lovethem because I don’t put a lot of love alot of time in about a head powerbecause I got a mean headache[Music][Music]so this is what it looks like now okaygot it so I cleared up the space becausewe don’t need that stuff anymore so nowwe’re going to just roll the cookies soI bought these little cute cookiecutters so it says to roll two or threetwo to three tablespoons of dough at atime into a ball so I’m going toprobably do there’s two tablespoons andI washed my hands for anybody side girlthat she works at hands yes I wash myhand our camera[Music]a little bit more because I want to beable to have enough cookie for it to bethick so I’m just gonna like flatten itand I’m gonna take this oneand goes and then I’m just going to putit on my paper and place it right here Ifinally finished doing all the makingthe cookies into shapes that I wanted Ialready got everything it’s already setlike my ovens ready to go so I got acircle some hearts if you see that theseare posed to be exes so X’s and O’s ifyou get to that exercise this isactually supposed to be a pair of lipand this X is smaller than this Xbecause I used that eggs versus that Xbecause this one was thicker and my momactually had those and yeah so we’regoing to go ahead and put the cookies inthe ovenand we are gonna let them bake for 10minutes yeahso while we wait for the cookies to bakeI just want to say that a lot of thesethings I got was very affordable andactually I don’t actually have a crushso what I’m what I’m actually gonna dois I’m actually baking these cookies togive to a homeless man that I see when Igo on my way to school it’s a homelessman that like he sits right there at theexit to go to school and I typically tryto give him like dollars so I but Idon’t really carry cash a lot so Istarted trying to like carry more cashand breaking large bills and every timeI get like a dollar dollar bills or Iget my $5 I will save them in my car andthen I would like give it to himso tomorrow actually gonna give him Igot $20 tip for my job so what I’mactually gonna do is I’m nicely actuallysafe that’s $20 tip I’m gonna give himbetween those two and I’m gonna give himthe cookies and I have this little cutecontainer that I’m gonna put it in forhim and it’s gonna say to you from meand I actually got this from Target aswell this was $3 my apron was $1 thecookie cutters were a dollar each soyeah so this is he’s actually going tobe receiving these cookies and thereason why I wanted him to receive thecookies was because like I said I wouldgive him money but all the other peoplemoney because I just love the way hetells me thank you I love the way yousaid thank you oh I keep those are sofunnyand honestly just makes my day becausesometimes I’ll be like having sad daysand I’ll fly in the park and like he’llcome up to me and like he’ll just makeme smile so and every time I give him adollar he’d be so happyand yeah so that’s what I’m actuallygoing to be doing today so hopefully heenjoys these compound bake cookieshopefully they turn out right if theydon’t turn out right then also spoke ofthe store in the morning and I’ll go buysome cookies and then I’ll just go putthem in here because if you knowtypically homeless people don’t reallybuy takes a little from you so hopefullyyou know except these but you may notand I completely understand there butI’m still gonna give him the moneyyeah I’m really excited to give himlook Wiggins alright to be pretty goodyeah yeah they are pretty good so whatI’m gonna do is I have some icing andI’m gonna decorate some of the cookiesfor the man yeah I got some icing and Igot some sprinkles and because they wereall kept he’s gonna do a couple partsI’m not gonna do all of them because hemay be allergic to them and I’m notreally sure so yeah so I just I alreadywash this out so you don’t have excesswater out of it I’m gonna put some ofthese in there for him[Applause]maturity[Music]while you play with this[Music][Music]


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  2. Love your voice angelo….. The song fits your voice. Will you try to react to bugoy and katrinas duet performance at the music hall….. God bless you.

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  5. Absolutely love this song and band and have to congratulate Ben and Ben and also yourself on fairly decent attempts at singing it. But it’s a timeless classic and you have to be very special in order to pull it off properly

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