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Baking Christmas Cookies Without A Recipe

Baking Christmas Cookies without a recipe is a lot harder than it sounds! We thought that baking some delicious cookies without a cookies recipe wouldn’t be too challenging but it turns out that it’s almost impossible! We wanted to make some nice sugar cookies, normal Christmas cookies, and wanted to be able to roll out the christmas cookie dough and cut it into christmas cookie shapes with Christmas cookie cutters but things get a little more complication than that! No cookie recipe, we don’t know the ingredients for cookies, especially not the ingredients for sugar cookies or the ingredients for christmas cookies, and we don’t know how long to cook cookies for, or how much of each ingredient is needed to bake the cookies! This cookie baking video is going to be top notch!
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Video Transcription

yeah it’s–that’s– have a yearChristmas time where we have a Christmascookies who usually bake them we’redoing it today with zero experience onthe first day of Christmas my true lovegave to me a partridge in a pear tree[Music]yes we are ready let’s make cookies norecipes and Dan we don’t know anythingnot even the ingredients let’s do thisChristmas we need to find someingredients don’t know what for sure weknow some essentials obviously and weChristmas my Truelove you to me twoturtle doves and a partridge enait’s pastry so powerhey I don’t know butter butterwait there’s I thought it was crazy whenI was thinking that I was gonna say thatand then am I supposed to help it all atthis point which is just making themstraight up right now with no help fromme are we doingyeah no we’re doing really bad wellwe’re missing morphing to thingswait are you yes no Agatha no no one ofthem is very common and baking bakingpowder baking soda so the same thingthen one more thing it’s actuallysimilar peppermint extract Oh[Music]well it can be but but you want to dosomething to the butter first if you’remixing it not melted all right you guysgonna soften it’s good now all rightfirst ingredient blue a food writer sobad threeI’m guessing three eggs good enoughthat’s not why you’re so stood hecrashed it hovers over the bowl it justsqueezes it the egg shoots out ofbiscuits it all right this is how you doitWowlame technically speaking I supposed todo it on a flat surface that’sprofessional[Music]don’t squeeze it okay you to him we’redefinitely not me just 42 dude did youget no okay now let’s do a cup of sugarthis seems reasonableoh my godit’s really it’s brown sugar time that’sprobably that’s probably do them outyeah you know I do too with those I feellike that when I see my mommy yeah I wasgonna say I just yeah how do you turnthis thingOh yummy please like banana bread[Music]get some flour in there look you don’tput enough flour then it won’t rise sojust mix it a bit yeah that stuff issticky okay I don’t know what’shappening because when I made it I usedmore flour than that and it turned outand we know our wall everything added itall looks like slime not good oh yeahyou still gotta get the baking soda inwait vanilla in there how do we make itlike more firm if it’s like looks likeslime oh my godlike a liquidjust so bad there’s no way this don’twe’re called making – told is it toorunny[Music]maybe more like brown sugar tryingI mean brown sugar this happens use somevanilla still in there oh my surgery[Laughter]still running to the picture egg inthere yeah okay[Music]all right and no flower my suggestionwould be flower but I at this time Idon’t even know what would be good halfa cup or something you guys not evenadded a full cup of flour yet no we havethat looks better every day yetit’s gonna be great we may go get mesome in the of it we make like a reallygood cookies and then we don’t remembertaste dragons holy crap sugary how do welike this super sugary there sure Icouldn’t taste sugar sir I can feel itsugar chunks oh my god three French henstwo turtle doves and a partridgeso we are rolling out the cookies noware they all at the dough let’s take itall all there the dough yeah we’re gonnaroll it out so we can cut into theshapes oh they don’t a clone wait is oneginormous cookieI think we could just make cookie ballsinstead this is that worth another boygive up on this idea just start formingballs and putting them on the sheet[Laughter]enough flour in the first place it’sdefinitely on the table oh my godfor the mishap they just suffered theyhave decided to add more flour we haveover a cup of flour don’t look like twocups we have no we can’t follow we’reprobably like bet the grease averseoh right they’re not just gonna go likethisthere’s a goo out or what’s gonna happenwith a flattened out so it can’t be likeoh gosh no my shirt oh my gosh I thoughtwe were doing so well we didn’t useinstructionsso this that’s thick as balls yeah yeahit’s pretty good now that looks goodyeah these you’ve been looking in therethat looks significantly slime here tryand see if you can like make one out ofhere what’s your hand what’s the problemwhat what’s wrongfour calling Birds three French hens twoand a partridge in a pear treeoven time oh my daughter I don’t knowhow long you’re supposed to cook themfor Oh a little update it on the on thecookies they’re being cooked right nowbeen on there for quite a bit actually Idon’t think they’re supposed to looklike this pink or berry flat they’restarting to get a bit Brown you mightwant to pay close attention to them[Music][Applause]for calling Birds three friendsand a partridge in a pear treeall right they’ve been taken out oh mythose are some sugary cookies you cansee the sugar in them there’s so muchbrown sugar together this is my screenthere’s way too much brown sugar Ithought guys let’s dig in I hope I wantto my strike already hurts Oh what theheck it was close exactly like burnedpopcorn butter burning oh my god okaythey became chipsthey were definitely not with the flagof that much all right all right you canhave this 100 everybody even though memedoing okayWowEmily Kate like from popcorn there let’sall finish one no well me and Baileyabducens we made it nah no and thesecookies just like good crunch oh my goshhe is struggling yeswe’re super country and then it sticksto my teeth update the Bailey finishedit cookie that’s so bad look at thecarnage of this row me I wouldn’t itwould’ve been baked like butterlike not as burn if they will if theyjust didn’t get burned pretty good wellclearly a complete successit was fun to make the cookies you knowI thought they’re gonna turnbut we can give it another go if peopleenjoy watching believe it like commentwhat you’d like to see LSB made maybewe’ll try it out subscribe rose withboughs of holly fa-la-la-la-lala-la-la-la trees the season to becharlie lalalaDon we now our gay apparel the ancientYuletide Carol[Music]

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