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Bakina kuhinja – kako se prave linzeri /how to make linzer cookies.)

Potrebno je:
450 gr brašna
100 gr oraha mlevenih
2 jaja
korica limuna
malo cimeta
100-120 br šećera
150 gr masti
1/2 praška za pecivo
1 vanilin šećer


Bakina kuhinja – kako se prave linzeri



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Video Transcription

You are at the Bakina kuhinja channel.If you want to seehow to make sweet and niceold fashion Linzer cookiescheck this video.Have fun with us.Learn something new.Welcome.Greetings my dear.Welcome to Bakina kuhinja channel.I know you are already here at 7amif im not there, chasing starts ;D”Where are you grandma””We are waiting recipe”Well here im, good morning.This great recipe is perfect for this morning Today we make sweet Linzer cookies.They are soft and with nutsand with jam. Check this video if you havent make any before.This recipe is fantastic.Specially for the beginners. IT is nothing expensive and hard to do. This is old recipe, that our ancestors used before, but in my way. For this you will need450-500 grams of flour,200 grams of fat,180 might be enough too.Some cinnamon, salt, 2 eggs, 1 vanilla sugar, 100 grams of sugar,lemon peel, baking powder,jam,100 grams of nuts. Dont know if you have noticed,every time i start filmingsomeone starts burging outside. Cars are also making noise. First, we mix the fat.Fat and eggsmust be like foam.Then we add the rest.Start the ovenat 190 degrees.When baking, rise the baking tray little bit above.Raise it up for 1 level.Because it has sugarand you need to avoid burnout. Those who say i talk alot,you see why im doing that. Now we begin.Put the apronand lets begin. Firstmeasure the fat.According to the recipe, you need 200 grams,i will add less, 180 grams.You may put even 150 grams. 150 grams of fat. Now we measure450 gramsof flour.We will add more in the meantime. Wash the lemon And then rend it. Pu it in the oven to bake first cookies. Now bake second part,the lower part. Here i am with our cookies. There cookies name is Linzer.They arenice and sweet cookies.You can make themfor smaller celebrations.They can last long in the jar or box. They are great combination with coffee or tea. They are stuffed with jam.And are soft any time.Also, they are crispy. This is fantastic recipewrite it down.Hope you enjoyed and learn something new.See you again tomorrow morning at 7 am. Its night again.Thank you for today.I love you to the moon and back God help us,give us just good health. Let us be healty.Happy See you at 7amUntil then, subscribesend comments,i appreciate your opinion. I noticed when we were livelots of you were there. Make me happyand be present and active like then again.I would be very happy.Kisses!Be happy and healthy.

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